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Gov. McCrory (l) and Attorney General Roy Cooper (r).

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory is claiming voter fraud and has filed for an official recount in the North Carolina gubernatorial race. He is trailing Attorney General Roy Cooper by over 7,700 votes according to the State Board of Elections.

Meanwhile, Cooper has already begun assembling his transition team and is proclaiming himself the winner.

Kevin Siers McCrory political cartoon
Cartoon by Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer.


Progressive advocates are calling on McCrory to concede defeat. They held rallies, replete with moving boxes and a U-Haul, in Charlotte and Raleigh. Their message was clear, “Move on, McCrory, it is time to concede.”

Democratic senators like Sen. Jeff Jackson are also asking him to stand down.

There are concerns that the race could even be decided by the North Carolina General Assembly if McCrory is unsuccessful in his recount efforts.

“I do think the likelihood [of the NCGA getting involved to determine the outcome of the election] is low at this point, but I have been surprised many times this year,” said Matt Hirschy, director of advancement at Equality NC. “And I am certainly never surprised at the bounds to which the General Assembly will go to do unconstitutional and crazy things. So while the North Carolina Constitution does provide a provision for them to step in and appoint a governor, I think they should let the people speak and let the rule of law in this election stand as it is.”

In an election that largely became a referendum on the anti-LGBTQ law, HB2, signed by McCrory, which cost the state millions in lost revenue and thousands of jobs, this race could have national implications on politicians who might have still thought it safe to go after the community.

UPDATE (11/28): McCrory will withdraw his request for a statewide recount if a new hand count of Durham County votes is conducted and if it reaches the same result as Election Day. Cooper won Durham County. McCrory disputes the accuracy of about 90,000 early votes that didn’t show up until the night of the election.

The Durham County election board denied a request for a recount there, which McCrory has appealed. He is asking for that appeal to be expedited.

We want to know what our readers think, will Cooper come out ahead in spite of the statewide recount filed for by McCrory?

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  1. Roy cooper cares for no one, but himself and our state will suffer under him. Think about how long the information he let drag while he was attorney general. We had contacted him numerous times concerning veterans and disability rights with no positive response he should not be in charge of anything

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