During the last week of February, the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) made an initial donation of $1300 to the organization ACCEPT Romania, a non-governmental human rights organization in Romania that works to defend and promote LGBTQ rights. ACCEPT is working with partner organizations in Moldova, Ukraine and other neighboring countries in an effort to provide safe exit for LGBTQ seeking to leave Ukraine. 

They’re also establishing new relationships with other countries in Europe who are receiving refugees. ACCEPT and our other MCC allies are on the ground to assist LGBTQ+ people and their families as they rush to evacuate the violence in their homeland. 

LGBTQ individuals and those living with HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe are particularly vulnerable right now. MCC stands in solidarity with them as they seek safety and a swift and peaceful resolution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Unknown numbers of LGBTQ individuals are in harm’s way, and experiencing life-threatening realities every hour of the day.

MCC and ACCEPT is currently requesting assistance for these people in Ukraine to help with exit strategies, medical care, food, shelter and other life-sustaining essentials. Both organizations are working hard to save the lives of LGBTQ people, and those who live with HIV/AIDS or other debilitating conditions.

As of now there are numerous LGBTQ people who have traveled for many days and miles to attempt border crossings to Moldova, and resettlement in places like Romania and other countries in the region with more positive attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. The fear exists, still, that Russia’s current aggression may yet spill over into the other adjacent countries, which are not as equipped as even Ukraine is to resist. 

Thus far, at least one trans person and their pregnant spouse have been successfully received across the Moldovan border and are currently safe. Others are reportedly close to the border and hoping for refuge. 

ACCEPT Romania has funds to continue their efforts for another week or so. Beyond that, they are counting on our support to fund their ongoing efforts, even as the situation changes and needs shift. 

If you would like to contribute financially to MCC and ACCEPT’s efforts, there are a variety of ways you can do so:

If you would like to donate via PayPal, please visit: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=XGFV7SCBL7ARQ

If you would like to transfer funds electronically from anywhere in the world, here are the relevant banking details:

Bank Name: Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 30-90-54

Account #: 00150202

Account Name: Overseas Projects (UFMCC UK Project)

IBAN: GB14LOYD30905404391875


MCC will cover all costs associated with the administration of this fundraising campaign so that 100 percent of your donations will directly benefit the LGBTQ+ people of Ukraine, and their extended families.