4 replies on “Marriage in the Carolinas”

  1. I believe the country is on the right road…yet North Carolina seems to trail behind the other states. I wait for the day when North Carolina makes it offical, until then we must all do our part in making this dream into reality!

  2. I agree with Jeff on this. Why is it that NC always lags behind on issues that ultimately will benefit us all? Can we not be a progressive state or will we always be associated with “big tobacco” and the “bible thumpers”???

  3. No one really knows the answer to this question so why not be optimistic? Just think of where we were 5 to 10 years ago versus where we are today.

  4. I chose 10-15 years, which seems most realistic to me. However, what I’m confident about is that the day is coming…however long it takes — 5 years to 20 years — it’s surely coming.

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