Brian "B-Daht" McLaughlin, in a photo posted on his personal website.
Brian "B-Daht" McLaughlin, in a photo posted on his personal website.
Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin, in a photo posted on his personal website.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A popular local DJ has apologized for several anti-gay messages he sent via Twitter attacking an openly gay student running for a campus position at Winston-Salem State University.

Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin’s apology was posted in a series of tweets and in a statement released by his publicist.

The apology on Twitter reads: “Sooooo, Its [sic] time to own up & it’s only right I make things right in the same place that I messed them up. Y’all ready? I want to apologize to Aaron McCorkle, his fam, & friends for the offensive tweets I posted. I was wrong. What I said was hurtful to him & his loved ones, & I am apologetic. I also wanna apologize to the #WSSU students, staff, my fellow Ram alums, the LGBT community & anyone else that was offended by what I said. I own my mistake, man. Definitely a lesson learned. I’m super blessed to represent personal, local, & national brands, & hope y’all know my tweets didn’t represent the views of ANY of the companies I work for- esp #WSSU. All I can do is ask for forgiveness & hope what I said doesn’t affect Aaron’s candidacy for Mr. WSSU. I’ve personally reached out to Aaron to apologize and he has agreed for us to have a sit down, and talk, face to face.”

The apology comes after McLaughlin took to Twitter to attack the Mister WSSU candidacy of student Aaron McCorkle, a junior Thurgood Marshall College Fund scholar.

In his previous messages — which were deleted, but saved in screenshots — McLaughlin had used a variety of racial, anti-gay and transphobic tweets to demean McCorkle.

“If y’all let a drag Queen be Mr #WSSU, I quit. Straight up,” McLaughlin said in one message.

“As I stated, I will relieve myself of my PA duties if a drag queen is appointed the position of Mr #WSSU. I won’t be affiliated. No way,” read another.

The tweets and controversy had attracted the attention of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization.

, a HRC official, said today that his organization was glad that McLaughlin apologized.
“We’re happy to see his personal reflection and evolution on the harm done to LGBT Americans because of remarks such as his,” Sulton Shakir, HRC’s Youth & Campus Engagement Program director, said in a statement according to The Winston-Salem Journal. “His new perspective is evidence of the incredible capacity that Americans have to evolve toward equality when a human face is put on discrimination.”

Shakir added that “university should now show similar leadership and take concrete actions. This further demonstrates the importance of being proactive with sensitivity training and dialog within the campus community.”

McLaughlin is a DJ and host for WJMH-FM 102 JAMZ, a local hip-hop radio station where he’s worked since 2005. He’s apparently taken a break from both roles while filming early this year for MTV2′s and Nick Cannon’s TV series.

The program director for WJMH never returned a request for comment. A spokesperson for MTV told this newspaper it had no comment.

McLaughlin was also, until recently, a public-address announcer for WSSU sporting events. A spokesperson for the university wouldn’t say this week whether McLaughlin would be welcomed back, but did say it did not condone McLaughlin’s remarks.

A screenshot of McLaughlin’s apologetic Twitter statuses are below, in reverse order.


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  1. “Definitely a lesson learned.”

    Translation: I was threatened w/ getting @ss-canned.

    Sorry, no way I buy that this apology wasn’t coerced. If I were Aaron, I’d only meet w/ him w/ my *attorney* present!

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