aaronbscottA 20-year-old student at Hickory’s Lenior-Rhyne University has said he’ll run for the 85th N.C. House District.

After some initial confusion (he originally sought to file in the 86th N.C. House district), Aaron Bradley Scott recently found out he lives just inside the 85th District. A Democrat, Scott will challenge incumbent Republican Mitch Gillespie.

Although he touches on some traditionally conservative issues (“I feel that using taxpayer money to support illegal immigrants is wrong.”), he’s also protective of the environment (“I have every intention on adding new policy that will help our state reduce our carbon footprint, and seek new development in technology and research.”) and wants to raise teacher salaries.

In addition, and LGBT and friendly voters should pay attention, Scott told The McDowell News he’s for marriage equality:

Scott said he respects the religious institution of marriage “between a man and a woman,” but that the law, being a secular institution, should acknowledge changing attitudes.

“Many current church denominations are allowing gay couples to become members, and even practicing clergy,” he said. “This is a sign that times are changing in America, and I feel the state of North Carolina should, too.”

Despite the good news on this one progressive issue, Scott’s slightly conservative views may very well appeal to more conservative voters who might be leaning toward Gillespie.

I tweeted about Scott’s run for House the other day. A Republican responded: “Aaron sounds like a good young, new blood, cand. Even though I’m “technically” a rep.. I would vote for him.” If Aaron — who will be 21 by election day — is able to reach out to more Republicans like that one, he might be able to win his race.

qnotes is looking forward to our interview with Scott this week. Stay tuned… we’ll get some of that interview online with the rest appearing in our Feb. 20 print issue.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.