Lawmakers have taken $500,000 from the state’s Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Fund and directed it to Gov. McCrory’s office in order to aid in defending the state’s anti-LGBT House Bill 2 (HB2).

“The governor asked for it,” Senate Budget Chairman Harry Brown, R-Onslow, said.

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Brown added that lawmakers did not know how much money would be needed to defend the law, which has been met with controversy and is currently undergoing changes according to a recently leaked draft.

The Senate passed the $22.34 billion budget earlier this week. The “technical corrections” bill, done every year, is meant to clean up typos, fix bad legal references and pay for small items that failed to make it into the main budget.

Those budget technical corrections were tacked onto an unrelated bill, House Bill 805, Thursday morning in the Senate Appropriations Committee, WRAL reports.

It will next go to the Senate floor where it must be approved by the House before going to McCrory for his signature.

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30 replies on “Lawmakers take half a million dollars from disaster relief to put toward defending HB2, upon McCrory’s request”

  1. Pope Francis said: “Who am I to judge.” regarding LGBT.
    Who are YOU to judge??

    1. Seriously, you’re going to go after Pope? He was tolerant but indifferent. This guy is part of the problem!

      1. People like you are the problem. Transgender people are not perverts as you people suggest. If a transgender male ( really a woman ) emotionally, etc) goes into a female bathroom, they could care less about seeing your little vajayjay. Not turned on what so ever. Let people live their lives. It’s not threatening your lifestyle in any way. Sheesh! These supposedly holier than thou people just gripe my toes. So holy but so quick to condemn and judge people. Wow!!!

    2. So, he takes money away from our disaster relief funds to fuel his discrimination bill, lovely. Now our coastal friends and families, not to mention the businesses, are going to have to beg for federal aid and our state will have 500,000 dollars less to help with the damage caused by the tornadoes and hurricanes that our state is known for. The displacement of roads could easily eat up hundreds of thousands of dollars during just one major storm directly hitting our coastline. This is selfish and those funds should have been voted upon. I, for one, will not reelect our poor excuse for a Governor in the upcoming election.

  2. As someone in a blue state whose tax dollars go to NC to the tune of 1.64 for every tax dollar you people pay while we get about .60 back from every dollar we contribute…I think your next disaster, you and your Governor and Legislature should go it alone. FEMA should go elsewhere. Especially since your state government and presumably many of your citizens refuse to acknowledge climate change. You’re looking at more storms and worse storms and your legislature is using money to support a stupid law that won’t last in the Supreme Court.

    1. When the hurricane hits and they scream, demand, beg, and pray for aid and assistance….I really hope FEMA sends only homosexuals to provide the services. And maybe a few bitchy ones.


  3. Dear Gov, it is inevitable, there will always be transpeople who need to go to the bathroom, and there will always be natural disasters. You are mixing them up. WE, the residents of the great state of NC need to be ready and protected for natural disasters, leave the bathrooms alone, that works itself out on its own.

  4. With the toxic algae problem killing protected wildlife, poisoning humans and destroying tourism all along both coasts Florida has bigger problems than pondering where someone should pee.

  5. Don’t be too harsh on the people that live in this state. Many are just as offended as you are by this situation. As to this current situation I sum it up in one word…. Ludicrous.

  6. Again, North Carolina government makes our state look like ass backward morons. Where are the intelligent people in this administration?

    1. Hopefully they are in the next administration after we vote these corrupt, lying, hypocritical, homophobic, racist d*****-bags out of office!

    2. There are none. I sure hope people get to the polls and get them out. Bunch of old, backwards, bigoted hypocrites.

  7. As a North Carolinian, I am shocked and saddened. I did not vote for this governor and I cannot wait for the next election. Hopefully this will wake people up, and we can literally clean house (and the senate).

  8. Our country is facing more and more droughts, floods and fires, and yet our officials have not created programs to deal with mother nature. The arrogance is appalling. And now we are going make the east coast even more vulnerable? How is this even legal. Besides the waste of money, that type of legislation is going to cost everyone.

    We must elect leaders who can lead! This state is worse than a third world country.

  9. How is this even legal? Since when did Disaster Relief become a giant slush fund, to be used at the whim of King Pat? Anything else I want to say won’t be fit for publication. I am so….bloody….angry right now.

  10. The bigotry and unwavering ignorance that overflows from public officials in this country is staggering.

  11. I wish people wouldn’t call them leaders. They’re not!! Perfect example is this unbelievable mess taking away from FEMA that aids disasters.

  12. What in God’s name is wrong with the residents of North Carolina! I know you are all not deaf, dumb and blind so wake up already! Get rid of this idiot you call Gov. in one way or another! If he won’t be up for reelection for a while then start the impeachment process!!

  13. Ok, friends – what is the politics of refusing to pay taxes that go to support this immoral policy? Is that like refusing to marry same-sex couples?

  14. Good grief, if the governor asked you to jump off a bridge, would you?

    North Carolinians, our government DOESN’T WORK FOR US. Vote those worthless a**holes OUT!

  15. Please don’t let an idiot governor lead you believe everyone in this state is an intolerant dunderhead. In Durham and Chapel Hill many people are opposed to HB2. My cousins, who own 2 restaurants here, have made their bathrooms unisex and post that they oppose HB2. There are a lot of accepting, loving people here. One might even call those Christian values. . .

  16. Ok this is misappropriation of funds! Regardless of any view on what he using it for it is NOT a disaster! Next hurricane I should send him personally a bill!

  17. You NC idiots voted for this government. I hear a lot of whining in comments–guess none of you are to be held responsible? On behalf of the rest of the country, let me personally say “f*fk you” to each and every one of you. You are responsible for this mess. Your taxes are funding this disaster. You don’t get to sit on the sidelines and point fingers when YOU are responsible. I don’t care if you voted for the other guy–fix your mess. Stop being the problem. A**holes. The rest of the country is watching you.

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