Similar to COVID survival grants made available to independently owned restaurants Q-Notes reported on last month, The Live Music Society is accepting applications for its next round of grants for 2022, although the closeout date is coming up fast: October 20.

The Live Music Society launched its first round of relief efforts in the fall of 2020, with that phase of grants going to 20 small music venues across the country. The organization is committed to giving $2 million in grants, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, in their first two years of operation.

This year, they are implementing two rounds of grants, the first completed in Spring 2021 and this second with thr October 20 application deadline. Venues, at a minimum, must meet eligibility criteria before applying. They are as follows:

  • Venues based in the USA. 
  • Venues with a sellable capacity of 50-300 (prior to COVID). 
  • While venues must have been in operation prior to July 1, 2017, both for- and non-profit venues are eligible. 
  • Your venue(s) must be committed to live music as the primary activity. 
  • Applicant must manage or own the venue. 

Unfortunately, promoters, curators, and festival producers are not eligible. Additionally, jury members that review the applications have been impressed by venues that align with our core values: a commitment to putting artists first and creating a space where music and paying artists fairly are a priority, displaying a commitment to diversity, emphasizing a commitment to safety for guests and artists during the current pandemic, demonstrate creativity and innovation (where possible) to get through pandemic-related closures, and a sustainable business plan beyond the next eight months. 

It is acceptable for you to operate other businesses in conjunction with the music venue (restaurants, bars, retail, etc.) but the music venue must be the driving force behind your business.

Please note that the grant program is dedicated to live music venues, as opposed to restaurants or bars that offer live music mostly as an adjunct to food and beverage service, or to Performing Arts Centers which focus on a variety of arts.

All applications will be reviewed by a jury following the submission deadline, and there is no advantage to submitting early. Therefore, be thorough so you can fully answer each question before submitting. Draft applications can be saved and edited in Submittable.

For more details and to apply for the grant, go here.

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  1. The Live Music Society launched its first round of relief efforts in the fall of 2020, with that phase of grants going to 20 small music venues across the country.

    The article is about the chance to apply for small music venue grants coming fast which is useful for the ones who is into this business. I appreciate you sharing this blog with us. It seems useful.

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