We are only a few weeks into the new year and for all things queer in the media, particularly television, we have a bunch to rave about. MTV’s “The Real World” came back to its original purpose, a show that was meant to be about real people and their issues and not just drunken sex. With the addition of the show’s first transgender cast member, Katelynn, it not only provides a historical touch to a show that has had its share of queer cast members over the years, but it gives a look into the issues that Katelynn faces in the house, but also provides a televised education into the lives of trans people. It shows TV audiences that trans people aren’t jokes or caricutures, but real people. With the addition of JD, who comes out as gay early on the show to his housemates, and Sarah, who has dated mostly women in the past, but is dating a man during the show, this is gearing up to be the queerest “Real World” ever.

Between the time I write this dear column for you and the time you pick this issue up from news stands or see it online, the first episode of the last season of “The L Word” will have already aired. In this season — sad, but true — Jenny dies. No, the plot wasn’t spoiled for me, but Showtime’s website has already made that fact known to the public, even having a “Who killed Jenny” poll to vote in.

After five seasons, there have been more plot twists than the movie “Wild Things” and at times it has disappointed me (the Max storyline), but overall, it has provided me great laughs (Alice in particular), heartache (Dana), and enough lesbian drama to last me till the time I retire (everyone on the show). I look forward to seeing who killed Jenny (I have a love/hate relationship with her), but also if Bette and Tina are going to stay together and just how all this crazy mess called girl world will end.

For those who of you lucky enough to have the Here! TV network (mostly in Charlotte and Raleigh areas), you will be able to see a new show. Its not new to the UK, but it is new in the U.S., and it has been one of my favorite shows over the years, “Sugar Rush.” The show deals heavily with lesbian teenage sexuality through the main character, Kim Daniels, who has to figure out her feelings for girls and her best friend Sugar. I won’t spoil you much, but it is a really sweet and fun show and, well, I love anything that has played on Channel 4 over in the UK. I think you will too. The series premieres on the Here! TV network on Feb. 6.

Other shows to look out for are “Grey’s Anatomy” (apparently Callie is going to get a girlfriend this time around), “Bones” (more Angela and Roxie), and “Exes and Ohs” (on LOGO).

These shows and more are sure to keep you warm during the winter, so make some cocoa, relax and snuggle up with your dog/cat/lover/stuffed animal and enjoy these great television shows!