Well, here we are again at my little spot on the page! This time of year drives me crazy, because it seems like there is a lull where the pageant schedules are concerned — some prelims here and there and many national contests on the horizon, but nothing really big taking place. Of course, Continental PLUS and Miss U.S.ofA. and Classic are just around the corner, but waiting is the hardest part, in my opinion. I did hear the other day that both Armani and Mokha Montrese have already secured their spots to go back to Continental, so that is exciting news for later on, of course. Especially since both of them will probably be in the Top 5. Hello!

The premier for RuPaul’s “Drag Race” is just around the corner — Feb. 2. It’s so exciting, particularly with Victoria Parker and Nina Flowers on there. Many will remember Nina from competing at Continental years ago. This Puerto Rican queen is so fierce and almost as talented with a make-up brush as she is on the stage. I remember meeting her and how nice and personable she was. Wonder what took her to Boulder, CO? I should ask. “Piggy” (Parker) has also been busy with events related to the “Pageant” movie as well; it just had a two-week run in NYC. Wish it would pass by these parts.

On the Miss NC U.S. ofA. scene, Cierra Nichole is gearing up to relinquish the title that she ever so graciously agreed to take over and she’s doing a fine job. She was just in Greenville, S.C., at the Castle to give up her Miss Castle at Large title as well and P. Jazzmyne Darnell won.

The most recent prelims to Miss NC include Miss Winter Elegance, which Malayia Chanel won with first runner-up Cheetah Shaw and, lastly, Miss Charlotte, which I had the honor of judging. The crown went to Mo’Nique Chanel. Her RUs were Essence Iman (who has returned to the stage after a short break and what a return it was, complete with a lovely gown and a “Grease” production) and Brooke Divine who won interview, and if it had been given, Most Beautiful. It was a great contest with seven contestants who all did a commendable job, including Jessica Raynes, Starla DaVinci, Vivica Dupree and Chocolate. I must say, it was one of the best contests I’ve seen in some time.

Former Miss NC Arabia Knight-Addams was in the house to show her support, as we all know what the Miss NC crown meant to her personally. (well, if you know her, you do anyway).

In other local news, congrats go out to Onyx Jade Addams who won Miss Ibiza Princess at Ibiza in Wilmington not too long ago and to Paisley Parque who just celebrated a fifth-year anniversary of her show the “Sex Kitten Round-Up” at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro. One thousand and one apologies to Amaya, a former Miss NC U.S.ofA. and Continental PLUS, who won Miss Fayetteville many months ago.

Since it is no longer a preliminary to a state contest, she was able to go back and do her thing — sweep it up! Rumor has it she’ll be in Charlotte to compete for the title of Miss Scorpio at the end of January. They say we can see such stars of the stage as Beverly Iman Johnson and Keshia Wellington jump in as well, along with Greensboro’s Olive Oyl? Could it be? I guess we’ll wait and see. Should be an interesting night, for sure.

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