There’s been no news of a closeted gay in the ranks of Carolina Panthers players, but that isn’t stopping one fan from asking:

I’m not saying any of our QB’s are gay but let’s say hypothetically a player on our team in the future came out and said he was gay would you support him? Would the F.O allow a ‘gay’ to be the face of the team?
Me personally I wouldn’t care.

The responses on the forum are mixed, but a surprising number of folks would either be supportive or just wouldn’t care:

If he played like Drew Brees I could care less what he does at home.

Couldn’t care less. As long as he wins and can lead the team.

It would be similar to the don’t ask don’t tell policy. But personally I don’t care.

Meanwhile, you needn’t look very hard for the homophobia to come out:

i would want him out of here ASAP…also the team prob would to considering they change and shower and stuff like that together

Never though I’d see gay guys man enough to actually be in the NFL but look at the Falcons.

if the entire team did and he played like Manning then I wouldnt completely disown him, even though I would make fun of him. If he was terrible like Grossman then I would egg his house, toilet paper his yard, put a flaming bag of poo on his porch, piss in his bath water and send him pics of my naked body captioned with “Can’t touch this.”

But, if you’re thinking gays don’t come out in sports… think again. On May 13, Charlotte-based Campus Pride hosts a meet and greet with Brian Sims, former captain of the Bloomsburg University football team. In the middle of his school’s greatest season, Sims came out of the closet. In so doing, he became the only openly gay college football captain in NCAA history. The meet and greet takes place May 13, 8:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m., at Bar at 316, 316 Rennsalaer Ave. More info at

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