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3 replies on “Irmo High School”

  1. I think I’ve had just about all the love of Jesus I need. It seems to me that a person working for an institution receiving money from the government should not be allowed to make any statements about his religious beliefs at all.

  2. Isn’t it easy to always blame someone else for our problems or situations? If indeed a hostile environment is within the rank and file of this High School, I am sure it has been there long before this principal made his announcement to quit. Shouldn’t the focus be on educating the young people within this and all schools to respect and admire diversity even if it does contradict our own beliefs? Should we, as a Gay Community, offer this man up for a public hanging simply because he chose to stand by his convictions? He has made it clear that he will make every effort to see that all students are treated fairly and that all school sponsored activities are to have equal merit. As a Gay Man, this is what I want to hear from our educators. Now some may argue, and I might add for the sake of a “good scrap”, that the Principal should have just quietly resigned his post as planned without making a public statement as to why he was indeed leaving his post. Now I say to you my gay friends, who among us wouldn’t use an opportunity to propel our own beliefs?

  3. Mr. Walker refused to follow the law for a number of years when students wanted to start the gay/straight alliance. He made excuses in order to keep the students from starting the group.

    And finally when confronted with the fact that there was nothing he could do to stop the GSA, Mr. Walker made a public resignation while at thed same time incorrectly calling the GSA a sex club.

    This issue is not about who is tolerant or intolerant. It is about a man who abused his position as principal because of his own personal beliefs. And when he was confronted about it, he told lies and then sat back and absorbed community support for his supposed Christian beliefs.

    Believing that homosexuality is a sin is one thing. Abusing your position and lying in pursuit of this belief is quite another.

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