I’ve been blown away by the magnitude of evil emanating from Congress and the North Carolina General Assembly since Republicans took over in November.

Yes, I said “evil.” I don’t use the word lightly. It’s a serious accusation and I understand that. But, I mean it. What the GOP seeks to do or is already doing — both nationally and in states across the nation, including North Carolina — is truly evil.

I recently addressed such thoughts in a post on my Facebook profile, writing, “The GOP’s new mission statement: ‘We belong to our Father, and we want to carry out our Father’s desires.’ See John 8:44.”

The status update was a facetious and multi-part satire of the religious “family values” spin Republicans sometimes give to their agenda. The “Father,” of course, isn’t God. Look up the passage for the context.

A friend responded, accusing me of an ad hominem attack. “I expect better from you, Matt,” she wrote.

No — that doesn’t work for me. See, I expect better from Republicans. I expect them to undertake initiatives that help and benefit the whole of the nation. Instead, every move Republicans have made thus far in their recent — and, if they keep it up, limited — stint in power has been harmful to the vast majority of people in this country. You can deny it, twist it and lie about it — i.e. “tax breaks will create new jobs” — all day long, but it won’t change facts.

There’s a simple philosophical and mathematical truth that states if two things are equal to a third thing, then they are all equal to each other. It’s an amazingly simple concept with powerful consequences and conclusions.

GOP budgets both nationally and on the state level will forever change Medicare as we know it. They will reduce funding for all other sorts of healthcare programs. They will strip much-needed monies from both primary and secondary education. They will deny college students financial aid. They will cut food stamps and environmental protection services and emergency management agencies. The list of cuts keeps going.

At the same time, GOP proposals seek to reduce corporate tax rates. That’s despite the fact that dozens and dozens of mutli-billion dollar, multi-national companies raked in billions in profits last year without paying a cent in corporate income tax. Other GOP proposals seek to reduce the tax rate for the nation’s highest income earners. While millionaires and billionaires continue to make more and more money each year, Republicans seriously seek to fork over some of the lowest tax rates the rich have ever seen.

Remember: if two things are equal to a third thing, then they are all equal to each other. The arithmetic seems simple in this case. Cutting services to families, children, students and the poor while giving massive tax breaks to those who already have everything seems pretty damn evil to me.

Republican ideals, proposals and principles are evil. They are evil because they cause a tremendous amount of pain and harm to the least among us. Jesus would be ashamed. But, they don’t care. The GOP is serving a different kind of master. : :

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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  1. Matt, wise up
    Republicans ARE EVIL!
    Do you think they give a fucking shit about what you or any other gay person thinks, feels or lives with?

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