Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, a native of Hickory, N.C., released a letter today outlining his reasons for opposing the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment that could be considered when state lawmakers return to Raleigh on Monday. Hughes, who is gay, released his letter through Equality North Carolina and it’s now being distributed to media and to each of the 170 members of the North Carolina General Assembly. (See “Facebook co-founder, N.C.-native speaks out on anti-LGBT amendment”)

In addition to his open letter, Hughes issued a $10,000 fundraising challenge to benefit Equality North Carolina.

In his letter, Hughes wrote: “Because there could not be a more critical time to support the work of Equality NC, my fiancé, Sean Eldridge, and I have pledged to donate $10 for each person who likes Equality NC’s page on Facebook – up to $10,000 – to support the work of the organization between now and Tuesday. We hope that others will join us and contribute what they can of their time, energy, and resources to help defeat this anti-gay measure.”

At the time of the announcement, Equality North Carolina had 6,750 “likes” on their Facebook page at facebook.com/equalitync. In order to get the full $10,000 donation, the group will have to garner 1,000 new “likes.”

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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