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  1. Such s snobby event and they dont even give back to the local community…uhhh, I don’t think so…NOPE not for me at all. Give to MAP, RAIN OR SOME OTHER LOCAL CHARITY BUT NOT TO THESE CLOWNS!!!
    Yes they do national campaigns to promote GLBT agendas but how can they come into our local community with such snobby attitudes and not at least give back, say 10% of what they have donated??? WHY???

  2. Kay Hagan as a keynote speaker – what a joke!!! Picking the lesser of 2 evils might be okay for voting but to select her as a keynote speaker?? Did she once mention her support of gay rights during her campaign or on her campaign website? Did she ever disclose her family member that is on the HRC Carolinas board? Not once did she mention anything about gay rights during the NC Campaign.

  3. Since there is discussion about HRC not giving back to the local Carolinas community, I thought it might be of interest for folks to read this background information on what we have been recently working on in the area:

    HRC working in the Carolinas:

    • From the HRC Workplace Project: We work diligently on a yearly basis to educate firms about the employment policies for LGBT employees. In the past year we have worked with Duke Energy to ensure its domestic partner benefits program reached as many employees as possible and with Bank of America to clarify and improve its transgender inclusive health insurance program.

    • African American Outreach by HRC Foundation: We have been sponsors of Charlotte Black Pride for about four or so years and South Carolina Black Pride for three years. HRC volunteers and staff set up a booth each year and talked to the African American community about equal rights for LGBT people and the importance of becoming politically involved.

    • Youth Outreach by HRC Foundation: Over the past 2 years, our local volunteers have supported local events and discussions organized by Time Out Youth. More information about TOY can be found on http://www.timeoutyouth.org/. In September, organized “Back-To-School” events for LGBT student community and allies at college campuses in Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte.

    • Transgender Outreach by HRC Foundation: In July, organized a screening of TransAmerica to a turnout of 15 people in Raleigh, including 7 members of the local transgender community. Also, in April, HRC Diversity co-chair on the North Carolina steering committee and a board of governor Maddy Goss met with the Board of Directors for Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University and convinced them to convert two bathrooms in the student center to Single Use, Lockable, Gender Neutral Restrooms. (http://media.www.technicianonline.com/media/storage/paper848/news/2008/04/15/News/Board.Approves.GenderNeutral.Bathrooms.In.Talley.Basement-3324866.shtml)

    • Religion & Faith Outreach by HRC Foundation: Organized a Gospel & Unity event every year over the past 4-5 years to bring together local LGBT African American community. In May, organized a showing of “For the Bible Tells Me So” at UUFR (http://www.uufr.org/). Reverend Jimmy Creech, Methodist pastor whose credentials were revoked in 1999 after he co-officiated a covenant service between two men, moderated a discussion afterwards.

    • HRC Religion & Faith Director Harry Knox: Last year Harry Knox participated in a debate against right winger Dr. Michael Brown, which had 300+ in attendance. This historic debate took place on February 14th at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, NC.

    • Chief Diversity Officer Cuc Vu spoke on a panel about Women of Color at the 2008 Chief Diversity Officer’s Forum hosted by the Johnnetta B. Cole Global Diversity & Inclusion Institute.

    • Family Outreach by HRC Foundation: HRC organized an LGBT families picnic each year for the past 2-3 years in partnership with Food Lion.

    • Health Outreach by HRC Foundation: In September, organized three statewide LGBT community health fairs in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro in partnership with local healthcare organizations, businesses, and professionals.

    • HRC Political Action Committee:

    o HRC PAC sent a campaign college participant in 2004 to help elect fair-minded leaders.
    o HRC PAC endorsed Kay Hagan for US Senate in North Carolina and also endorsed Linda Ketner for Congress in South Carolina.
    o HRC PAC sent HRC General Counsel Rob Falk from our headquarters to help on the Hagen race. He was based in Wilmington.
    o HRC PAC hosted a Camp Equality activist training session in Charlotte, where a cadre of people were trained on tactics to help on area campaign races.
    o HRC hosted three fundraisers, raising $30,000 for Hagen in three weeks on the ground in NC that included major donors and board members from the area.
    o Other HRC PAC contributions:
     Kay Hagan NC-Sen $5,000.00
     G.K. Butterfield NC-01 $1,025.00
     David Price NC-02 $2,025.00
     Melvin Watt NC-12 $2,025.00
     Brad Miller NC-13 $2,025.00
     Linda Ketner* SC-01 $5,000.00
     Jim Clyburn SC-06 $5,025.00

    • From our state legislative team:

    o Anti-discrimination ordinance in Columbia, SC: In early 2008, HRC state legislative director Chris Edelson provided support to Ray Drew of South Carolina Equality with regard to a proposed measure in Columbia seeking to prohibit discrimination in housing and public accommodations based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Edelson sent Drew talking points and facts to help him advocate for the ordinance, which ultimately passed. Edelson also answered research requests Drew made about similar laws in other southern cities.

    o State-level legislation: In 2009, Edelson, HRC Field Director Sultan Shakir, and HRC Family Project Director Ellen Kahn have discussed possible state-level legislation with Drew, participated in conference calls with Drew and representatives of other LGBT organizations regarding possible legislation, and offered to provide technical support. Kahn connected Drew with an expert to discuss possible fiscal analysis of proposed legislation.

    o Couple seeking to adopt in Greenville, SC: Edelson and Kahn coordinated with Drew regarding a lesbian couple in Greenville who were seeking to adopt. Edelson and Kahn connected Drew with attorneys who might be able to work with the couple.

    o Sponsored a health care fair on September 20, 2008 in Greensboro: The health fair gets together several services and health care organizations in the Triad such as the Triad Health Project, The Transgender Voice and Communication Group, Planned Parenthood, etc. under one roof giving everyone the opportunity to explore and learn more about the health care options in the Triad.

    • Area resident Pam Spaulding featured in Equality Magazine: In the magazine in late ‘07, we featured Pam Spaulding, a North Carolinian. We sent down a photographer for a day to NC.

    • From our estate planning team: Smart Estate and Financial Planning Seminars for LGBT Individuals and Families were held:

    o March 11 in the Triangle Area,
    o March 12, 2008 in the Triad,
    o March 13, 2008 in Charlotte

    • South Carolina screening of “For the Bible Tells Me So”: More than one hundred students, faculty, ministers and community members attended the showing of “For the Bible Tells Me So” sponsored by HRC and hosted by University of South Carolina’s Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Alliance in partnership with SC Pride Movement during SC Pride 2008. The memory of Sean Kennedy’s murder hung heavily in the air, everyone aware of the cost of being too open in a southern culture that still has much to learn.

    • The HRC HBCU Program: The program worked closely with students at North Carolina Central, UNC (Pembroke), NC A&T, and Winston Salem University.

    o North Carolina Central University- After frustrating initial conversations with campus administrators a group of dedicated students created a campus group to support the mission of creating a more welcoming campus. These students have held events on NCCU’s campus and have participated in the HBCU leadership summit trainings.

    o UNC (Pembroke)- the HBCU program sponsored an on campus drag show and educational forum that was used as a medium for educating curious participants about gender identity and gender non-conformity. Over 150 students attended the event. We also help students create a partnership with a local church, the Church of Painted Sky, a Native American congregation with an LGBT ministry

    o NC A&T- They have been a long-time partner with the HBCU program. They’ve had several representatives to the HBCU leadership summit. Training from the summit helped their student group to secure a substantial grant that allowed the group to go on a planning retreat with a focus on how they can better educate and engage their campus community.

    o Winston Salem University- WSU just started a new LGBT group on their campus last year. HRC has supported their efforts by sending resources, connecting them with local activists and developing programming for their campus. They were also a part of the Hype ’08 program that brought LGBT issues, like Hate Crimes and Employment discrimination, to the forefront before the election. The focus was to educate the campus community about what was at stake for the LGBT community in the up coming election.

  4. The things mentioned above are good, good, good…but would it hurt to make a monetary donation based on the amount of money taken in and then to give back to specific local gay organizations. Sounds like a cash cow to me. Spread the wealth locally, it is after all the money taken in here and other areas that propel those wonderful works that HRC does.

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