For many folks, connecting with nature has calming and invigorating effects. However, cold and short days make getting outside a little more difficult. If you find yourself coming down with a case of cabin fever every winter, try bringing the outside in and decorating your home in a way that will make you feel more connected with the outdoors in the comfort of your own living room.

There are many ways to make your home seem less like a sheltered fortress and more like a cozy connector to the natural world. From incorporating natural elements in your home decor to splashing your walls with open air scenes, here are a few ways to beat the winter doldrums through earthy embellishments:

Landscape indoors through art.

A great way to make your home feel cozier in the winter is to decorate with landscape art that reminds you of the beauty of the season. If you live in a warmer destination and are missing the white wonderland created by snow, decorate to get your fix of winter.

Take it a step further and transform an entire room of your home with a wall mural. From holiday-centric Santa scenes to beautiful snowy landscapes, Murals Your Way offers numerous holiday wall murals that can transform your living room into a lovely winter escape. Their SmartStick repositionable wall fabric allows easy install and removal. Just store your mural with the holiday decorations and reapply it year after year.

Feed the fire.

There’s nothing better than the natural heat and aromas created by a flame burning in a fireplace during a cold winter day. Don’t have a fireplace? Not to worry, as there are other ways you can create a toasty ambiance. Download a fireplace application that can be displayed on your TV or computer screen; just the vision of dancing flames may be able to warm your soul. Or find some candles that emit earthy aromas that will have you feeling comfortable and cozy.

Bring the forest inside.

There’s a reason why people go to the trouble of cutting down trees and lugging them into their homes for the holidays. The natural smell of pine is invigorating and reminds us of being outside. Take it a step further and gather a bundle of sticks from birch or aspen trees for a winter-themed arrangement of your choosing. Potted trees and plants can also add life to an otherwise lackluster room.

Making scents.

In addition to scented candles, you can also use other natural elements to create scents that can tie you back to nature. For example, venture outside and collect perfect-looking pine cones and embellish them with natural oils or spices to give your home a warmer fragrance.

Winter can be cold and dreary in some parts of the country, but if you spend more time connecting yourself with nature and celebrating the season, you’ll be shocked at how the time flew by when you hear the first birds chirping in the spring. : :