5 replies on “HIV & the State”

  1. The state telling someone what they must do is one thing. Ensuring that they comply is another, especially in such a private matter as sexual relations.

  2. I believe it’s going overboard when the state (government) gets involved in our personal lives. It is the responsibility of both parties to be protected, when engaging in sexual activities. If you are desperate enough to risk the chances of getting STD’s, that is a risk you take solely upon yourself. People need to start using common sense and not always act as though someone will be there to protect you. Sometimes in life, such as this instance, we need to practice good judgement skills.

  3. The state does not belong in anyone’s bedroom. We have consenting adults who may or may not understand the risks.

    At the rate of infection rising dramatically in the south, it would better off with a statewide outreach program and provide free counseling to the entire gay population.

  4. I think that it takes TWO to tango. I mean yes he should’ve said he was positive, BUT the people he was sleeping with are responsible too, they shouldve knew to use a condom, Im sure all those folks were one night stands why would you have bareback sex with someone you just met? I doubt straight folks do that because they know about disease and pregnancy. I mean I dont like sex it leads to trouble, especially with situations like this, but it doesnt mean I dont want other people do it

  5. Oops I accidentally pressed the submit button lol. Anyways continuing yeah its everyones responsibility to be safe. I mean of course people are gonna want to have sex, especially with a guy that looks as good as the dj, I wouldnt be surprised. Heck my straight female friend that he was hot and wished he was bi lol. But yeah im not sure about the government getting into this but I do believe there are consequences for your actions, both are wrong. The DJ is wrong for not letting them know and the people hes with is wrong for not using protection.

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