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Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

6 replies on “Helms’ legacy”

  1. Helms’ conservative and bigoted ideology still pervades North Carolina thinking. Although the state has moved light years forward from its Helms’ days, the state is still mired in an atmosphere of bigotry and intolerance. What seems like a tolerant state can, at the drop of a hat, turn right back to its bigoted ways. Thank God our Democratic legislators in Raleigh have the wisdom and strength enough to withstand the “will of the people” – this year will mark the fourth year the anti-marriage amendment will be defeated.

  2. One must never be actually glad that someone has died and that I have to say is true of my sentiments here. However, with Helms death, an era of hate-mongering and bigotry comes to an end, at least from him as his influence. Maybe we should be thankful for his die hard opposition. Tension can sometimes polarize a community. With folks like him, it actually made the LGBT community get off its duff and get moving in the direction of securing appreciable rights. Complacency is the root of getting nowhere. Let’s use this loss as a way of continuing the good fight for our brothers and sisters who each deserve equality in mainstream society.

  3. Good bye…farewell…bon voyage. Perhaps Helms and Falwell have joined “The Morons of Society” club in the sky….hmmmm in the sky???? I bet those asses are the ones that stole my donkey!!!!

  4. i disagree koolkat – i rejoice when some people die: hitler, stalin, falwell, helms… the world is trying to move beyond their divisive, hate-ridden thought processes… good riddence.

  5. Oooh! There’s some hatin’-ass sissies up in here…now why didn’t anybody call me?

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