The Hearts Beat as One Foundation announced November 1 the appointment of the organization’s inaugural Executive Director, Bethany McDonald. Citing tremendous growth and community impact, the board unanimously approved the appointment. Founder Joe Davis will continue to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors.

McDonald posted the following to her Facebook page that same day, less than an hour before midnight: 

“It takes a lot to leave me speechless, but I truly have no words to express my gratitude for all of the amazing texts, messages, calls, and encouraging comments & support I’ve received as I accept the position and transition into the role of the Inaugural Executive Director of the HB1 Foundation. I am so proud of this organization and all of the work we have done thus far, however, I’m even more excited about all the incredible opportunities we have to grow and expand our existing initiatives while still continuing to develop impactful, sustainable programs as the future unfolds. Thank you to Joe Davis and our entire Hearts Beat as One Foundation family for their love, patience, and support and for having the trust and confidence in me to take the helm and drive this wonderful organization down all of the paths that lead us to those who are most in need.”

Not surprisingly, Davis had issued a statement of praise for McDonald earlier in the day.

“We are honored to have one of Charlotte’s most passionate and committed servant leaders as the first to take the helm of our organization in this capacity.”

McDonald has worn many different hats over the past fifteen years, and has garnered the training, experience, and exposure that makes her uniquely qualified to serve as Executive Director of HB1. 

She has served as a City Host and on the Steering Committee of the Human Rights Campaign, worked with the Humane Society of Charlotte, Special Olympics, the United Way, Twirl to the World, RAIN, Watchmen of the Streets, Outreach Council of Charlotte and the Kaboom Playground Build. In addition to her community and philanthropic efforts, she is also a small business owner.

“I have been beyond blessed in this life to be able to devote as much time and dedication to the organizations making the greatest impact for those who are in need.” said McDonald.

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation strives to solve issues impacting at risk and marginalized communities in and around Mecklenburg County. 

The organization actively seeks gaps in services, and build programs intended to foster the forward path of all persons and families in need of assistance, all while promoting inclusivity and a loving environment for all.

“I am humbled and proud to represent HB1 as the inaugural Executive Director, and I cannot find words to express how excited I am to both grow and develop new programs that are life changing and assist those who are most at risk; such as our houseless, veteran and senior populations (amongst so many others).”

Recently recognized by the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners for their work over the past eighteen months assisting and managing the transitional program for former tent city residents, the Hearts Beat as One Foundation will continue their efforts for families and individuals in need of housing, those experiencing food insecurity, animal welfare services and other emerging community needs. The organization will remain committed to putting forth as much energy and time as needed to ensure that every being, two or four-legged, will always be afforded the best quality of life possible.

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