Spend your holidays in Miami this year with this supercut video of the best Christmas scenes from The Golden Girls.

Whether it’s Rose tossing “Santa” out of the house for getting naughty with Blanche or Dorothy wisecracking at the soup kitchen, the compilation from TV Land has all your favorite clips.

Earlier this year, beloved star Betty White passed away shortly before her 100th birthday. A celebration scheduled to run on NBC still aired with celebrities honoring the late comedian and actress.

Cher sang the 1978 Andrew Gold-written song from the original soundstage where The Golden Girls was filmed, Stage Five in Hollywood.

“Every Friend is Golden,” Cher tweeted with a video of her performance, and tweeted after, “This Was A [Great] Honour For Me. I’ve loved Betty Since I Was seven, and Change… Betty Taught Me To Speak Like a Southern [Belle],” she wrote.

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