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Update: This article originally reported that the bill was filed today. It was actually filed on June 9. The article has been revised to include that information.

Yesterday Omar Mateen entered an Orlando LGBT nightclub and murdered 50 people, injuring over 50 more. Today, the same North Carolina government that brought us the anti-LGBT House Bill 2, the gun rights amendment bill, HB 1148, has appeared on the calendar on the June 13 house calendar, with Republican Representatives Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale, Mark Brody and Jeff Collins listed as primary sponsors. Republican Representatives Bert Jones and George G. Cleveland are also listed.

The bill, which is yet to be titled and was filed on June 9, is described as, “An act to amend the North Carolina constitution to protect a person’s right to carry a concealed weapon.”

The amendment would be put to a vote by North Carolina residents in the upcoming general election in November.

The language appearing on the ballot would read:

A constitutional amendment, to become effective December 1, 2016, to repeal the provision which provides that the General Assembly may prohibit the practice of carrying concealed weapons.

The house convenes tonight at 7 p.m.

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11 replies on “Gun rights amendment appears on NC House calendar one day after mass shooting in Orlando nightclub”

  1. If you’re gay in NC, I suggest you support this measure and get yourself a gun. Don’t be a victim of fundamental Christians and Muslims; the secular ones don’t care, but the ‘true believers’ want you dead.

  2. John, are you insane? I could possibly look past the incorrect assumption that more guns means safety (there were, reportedly, armed guards at the Orlando night club). However, we do not increase safety by removing licensing restrictions on concealed carry. There is nothing currently stopping LGBT North Carolinians from arming themselves now. At least now, the permits could potentially keep a person who can’t be trusted with a weapon from getting one.

  3. Nathaniel.. this has absolutely ZERO to do with purchase permits and background requirements… even without a CC permit, NC is an open carry state. your emotionalism is moot.

  4. It doesn’t matter how many gun laws or bans the government puts out there, criminals will NOT obey them. Stop trying to make this out to be about guns, it’s all about dumbass people and their stupid decisions.

  5. My previous state of WV just did this, and SURPRISE, no blood flowing down street. It’s all scare tactics with anti-gunners.

  6. The concealed carry permit system does not make anyone safer. It is only an undue burden on the rights of honest citizens. The training involved, as far as actually shooting a gun, is only shooting 50 rounds at a target at close range. It is hardly worth the trouble as far as making anyone safer. People in NC can carry openly now with no training. Carrying concealed is no guarantee of either being more or less safe. The permit is about government control over honest citizens, not public safety. As for Christians wanting lgbt people dead, that is nonsense. Radical Moslems, like the terrorist in Orlando, want that, not Christians. After all, it is my contention that if those people had been armed, they could have stopped thus guy before he killed so many. That us hardly consistent with wanting them dead. How illogical can you get!?

      1. What exactly does an article about some nut in Sacramento, CA have to do with Constitutional Carry in NC? In WV, we called the permitting law the coat law. You were free to carry without permit until you put a coat on. In NC, open carry is legal, but put a coat on, and you better get permission from the government to exercise a RIGHT. Needing government permission man you have a privilege, NOT A RIGHT.

      2. Jeremy, Larry said “As for Christians wanting LGBT people dead, that is nonsense.” So, I obliged with one example of the religious rhetoric found in the US.This is certainly not true of all Christians, no more than it is true for all Muslims. The whole religious question is a distraction from the debate at hand. I apologize for the confusion. I will agree that the scenario you describe is absurd, and should be fixed, although I think we would disagree on the solution to the problem.

  7. What’s the point if I’m still not allowed to carry my gun when going to my local gay nightclub. Do tell me there are places I cannot carry

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