Mitchell Gold and Tim Scofield have tied the knot. Their marriage ceremony was conducted on June 19 at the Des Moines Art Center. Iowa is only one of five states that permit same-sex marriage.

According to an article in The New York Times, the couple said their vows in the witness of 92 guests with Judge Robert B. Hanson officiating. Hanson was instrumental in “opening the door to same-sex marriage in his state” with his 2007 ruling.

A reception followed in an outdoor lounge, graced with a disco ball and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams white furniture. New York’s D.J. Lady Bunny was in attendance.

Scofield has decided to change his name to Gold, the Times reported. “My grandfather’s name was Goldberg. It’s almost like going back to my roots, in a way. I think it’s very interesting that women are becoming more liberated and keeping their names, whereas gay men are becoming more traditional and changing their names.”

Gold is an icon in the furniture industry. He is also an outspoken advocate of gay and lesbian rights. Scofield is a history buff. While studying at the University of Maryland, he worked at Pottery Barn where Gold’s portrait hung on the walls. Scofield admired Gold’s smile and felt that he looked more like a teenager than a corporate executive. Little did he realize that in just a few years that he’d be his husband.

Their chance meeting took place in 2006 in New York City when Scofield was there attending a rare stamp auction. He was then working at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum at the time. An invitation for cocktails led him to a group of people, one of which was Gold, who was no longer in a relationship with Williams, his business partner.

Their courtship took them all over the world. Although their interests are vastly different, their relationship is loaded full of mutual respect and understanding. Gold appreciates Scofield’s drama-free attitude and Scofield enjoys exploring historical sites with Gold, who “doesn’t complain. He just smiles,” the Times added. : :

Lainey Millen

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