CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Leaders in Gaston County are scheduled to hear a resolution opposing LGBT marriage equality and the continued defense of North Carolina’s anti-gay marriage amendment at their meeting this Thursday.

The resolution, presented by Commissioner Jason Williams, says the county board ” steadfastly upholds the sanctity of marriage and shall continue to oppose efforts by any court or legislature to legalize same-sex marriage.”

The resolution also “encourages all those that recognize the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman as the only valid domestic legal union recognized in this state, to voice their opposition to this ruling,” and voices support for Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis’ and Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger’s continued efforts to appeal decisions last month opening legal marriage to same-gender couples in North Carolina.

Local LGBT advocates in Gaston County said they are disappointed in the proposed resolution in a statement Tuesday morning.

“The LGBT Democrats of Gaston County strongly disapprove of our elected County Commission using tax payer time and resources to voice opposition to our federal court system which has ruled Amendment One unconstitutional,” the group’s president, Robert Kellogg, wrote.

Kellogg said the resolution is “divisive decree” aimed at “alienating and marginalizing” LGBT people and their families. It is based, he said, in “personal bias. Commissioners are using it to spread “their own personal brand of moral authority than governing in the best interest of the citizens of Gaston County.”

Kellogg added: “We will continue to advance the cause of liberty and justice for all people as well as advocate for the equality of the LGBT community. They may want us to go away, but Gaston County is our home too and we will not be silenced by those who were elected to represent ALL the citizens of Gaston County.”

Two years ago Gaston County commissioners had passed another resolution supporting the passage of the amendment when it was on the ballot.

Click here to read the full resolution under consideration this week (PDF).

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

10 replies on “Gaston to consider anti-gay resolution”

  1. Meanwhile gay people with half a brain are fleeing Gaston county, which makes the board happy. All you have to do to get your way in Nawth Caccalacky is act uneducated while waving the Bible around threatening non-believers with hellfire and damnation. Sort of like the Taliban but with better food.

  2. I no longer tell people I’m from Gaston County, NC because I’m ashamed….. I’m embarrassed by the county commission’s asinine move to alienate themselves from my friends who are proudly a part of the LGBT community. It’s a complete waste of county taxpayers’ time and money to adopt a resolution just to “let people know where they stand”. Personally, I don’t care where you stand! This is 2014…NOT 1954. I will proudly return to Gaston County just long enough to perform the marriage ceremony of any LGBT couple who would like to be married outside the next county commission meeting. Call me! Let’s do this!!

  3. As a gas house resident, and knowing most of the county commisioners, I am sorry that same sex marriage is threatening the sanctity of your second and third marriages. As a religion major myself, specifically in the area of ministry, the bible has never said anything about homosexuality, we THINK it does but there is no definitive proof. Also, they are atleast SEVEN definitions of marriage in the biblen. Also commisioners, if you are going to uphold that specific section of the bible, then ALL OF YOU would put in jail and/or executed, as the very same section of the bible you use to oppose gay marriage also says that you may. NOT wear clothes of blended fabrics. So thay cotton-rayon shirt youre wearing, death sentence. It also says you may not plant two plants of different kinds in the same field. Also charging usury is a sin punishable by DEATH as is DIVORCE but we do not see laws being made against that. Taking the bible out of context is BLASPHEMY commisioners, so please, take a second to look at yourselves before oppressing other people. Vengeance is mine saith the lord, so judge not. Live and love all while you are here. That is your charge!

  4. Do we know if the public is allowed to sit in on the Gaston County Commissioners’ little Pontius Pilate meeting?

    Everyone should have an opportunity to see them in action in their little white outfits with the pointy hoods.

  5. What a shame our elected officials are so backward and ill informed. Supporting and fueling hate. They talk about bringing jobs to Gaston, no progressive,modern company would move to such a place as this.I will pray for these people who represent our county,and hope that evil will release it’s hold on them,and allow them to become the understanding and compassionate leaders we need.

  6. If they take any public comments, remind them that cities and counties around the South did the same thing when the Supreme Court legalized mixed race marriages. Ask them if they’re willing to let the county be known for religious bigotry for the next couple of generations.

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