Kenneth Carl Terry
Kenneth Carl Terry
Kenneth Carl Terry

GEORGETOWN, S.C. — The former owner of the popular NoDa restaurant Fat City Deli has been arrested and charged with four counts of solicitation for prostitution, according to a report from the Georgetown Times.

Kenneth Carl “K.C.” Terry, 46, was arrested on Tuesday at his restaurant, The Krazy Fish, at 619 Front St. in Georgetown, after a police investigation revealed that Terry had been soliciting for prostitution at the business.

“The allegations stem from the proposition of … teenage boys at the restaurant,” Georgetown Police Capt. Nelson Brown told Georgetown Times reporter Scott Harper. “The investigation continues and more arrests are expected.”

Police say they have been investigating Terry and the restaurant for about a month. They would not divulge the ages of those whom Terry solicited but did say they were not minors. Had they been under 18, Terry would be facing charges of child solicitation.

Terry was also charged with simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The newspaper reports that more arrests are expected in the case.

Brown was not available to speak with qnotes for this report.

Terry once owned the popular Fat City Deli in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood, which opened in the early 1990s and closed around 2003.

For a short time, he was also a co-owner of the similarly-named Krazy Fish restaurant on Central Ave. He is no longer involved in the Charlotte business. Charlotte Krazy Fish owner Giorgio Prisco said he and Terry quit doing business together two years ago. Patrons at the Charlotte establishment have heard about the reports from South Carolina, Prisco said, but continue to be supportive of the Charlotte establishment.

For more information on the story, visit the Georgetown Times.

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3 replies on “Former Fat City owner facing prostitution, drug charges”

  1. It’s about time this guy was caught. He has been preying on young guys since at least the 90s.

  2. This guy is famous for GHB, molestation, prostitution drugs and probably other things we don’t want to comprehend, please do this world a favor and get this KING PERVERT= creep off the streets of America… he is hated in Charlotte and has obviously moved his “operation” to Georgetown…. hats off to the Georgetown law enforcement for doing a good job cleaning up this guys destruction…. TOTAL EVIL

  3. I have heard so many horror stories about K.C. over the years from my kids and others. One male friend reported that he was served a “free” drink by K.C. one evening at Fat City and that he awakened sometime later on a bed inside a locked room above the bar. He had obviously been drugged and luckily was able to escape through a window. Another report came from a musician friend whose band was playing at Fat City who repotedly walked in on K.C. having sex with an unconscious underage boy. The Charlotte police were made aware yet nothing was done. I hope the Georgetown police are able to build a case against this predatory creep. Lock him up and throw away the key!

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