Timothy Ray Brown, the “Berlin Patient,” is believed by doctors to have been cured of HIV in a major medical breakthrough less than two weeks after World AIDS Day.

In 2007, Brown had a relapse of leukemia and in order to cure the cancer, he met with hematologist Dr. Gero Hütter, who ambitiously wanted to cure the patient’s HIV as well as his cancer. In a complicated medical treatment, a stem cell transplant was performed for Brown, who has not received HIV/AIDS care since before the procedure.

After three years of testing and study, doctors say, “It is reasonable to conclude that cure of HIV infection has been achieved in this patient.” While this is certainly not an end to HIV/AIDS, it is a great step forward and a reason for enormous hope.

Tyler DeVere is a former editorial intern for QNotes.

6 replies on “First HIV+ man cured in medical breakthrough”

  1. If this is true it could clear the way for my stem cell research… Lets hope this isn’t a one time thing…

  2. Right…..and you can get polio from a swimming pool and a chicken’s foot rubbed on warts, then buried secretly will cure them. Sure enuff.
    I will believe this when 10 years have gone by without retrovirals and when the “experiment” is done on someone without the gene that naturally resists HIV which this patient has. A very misleading and irresponsible article to say the very least!

  3. TO the guy above me..read what u just wrote dumb ass…the guy obviously isnt resistent to the virus if he had it previous to his treatments…without hope and experimentation there can be no cure..until then negative nancy…keep your negative thoughts to yourslef

  4. Research states that the dna in a persons body is effected first when it comes to the virus.exactly how does a stem cell transplant effect the body to where people would say that it would be possible for a cure to be processed

  5. Bill, you phenomenally illiterate turd. Do your research. This patient had the gene which resists HIV. Don’t call me negative nancy for simply having the intelligence to read and discern. You Stupid piece of blabbering idiocy insulated with a layer of fashion sense. How about doing some research before you masturbate your opinion on this site.

  6. The patient did not have the resistant gene. He had HIV and lymphoma and was on ARV’s. To cure his lymphoma he needed a stem cell transplant. The doctor decided to search for a donor that would have the CCR5 deletion (HIV resistant) and found one. The patient’s original bone marrow was ablated and replaced with the resistant bone marrow. This began making T-Cells which lacked the CCR5 receptor. BTW. the patient’s HIV was CCR5 and X4 tropic before the transplant. He was cured of his HIV and lymphoma. I’m pretty sure that his lymphoma recurred — two transplants were required.

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