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  1. Unfortunately, here in the Carolinas our gay bars seem to market themselves as primarily drag shows with dancing thrown in as an afterthought, especially Winston-Salem’s Club Odyssey .
    I agree with the writer in suggesting the bars mix it up. Several of my favorite watering holes in the French Quarter have Sunday afternoon Tea Dances where the music and videos are geared toward those of a certain demographic (think Go-Go’s and Donna Summer). At one point in time there was a Charlotte club that offered volleyball and pot luck dinners.
    Mix it up, clean it up, air it out, and for goodness sakes, PAINT IT AND CLEAN THE FLOORS; then you will see your customer base grow.

  2. I echo the thoughts of David. It is unfortunate though that Charlotte has no real “Gay” identity or Gay community. Yes, we have a “Community Center” but NO we do not have much of a gay community. I wonder why? It is good that we as gay people are more open and can now for the most part “mainstream” and socialize with our straight friends at primarily straight bars…but…what about our own clubs?

    Do these DUMB ASS, GHETTO ACTING, club owners really expect us to keep coming to their clubs if they do not modernize them, clean them up, offer good drinks at a reasonable cost and allow people into the club at a reasonable cover???

    With that said, I do think that the Gay club scene can continue and it should continue. We need places to socialize and to be proud of and they need to be modern, inviting, affordable, pleasing, fun, engaging and offer what I call the 4 big “Ds”

    good DANCE music
    good DRINKS
    and the chance to score some good DICK
    then the club owner will make the 4th “D” – DOLLARS

    Velocity was nice but the owner never listened and the drinks SUCKED and cost too much, cover was way too high. See where that place is now? CLOSED! The Garden and Gun Club is nice too, however the music is just OK so where is the energy? BRING MYTHOS BACK!!! Cover is too high there as well. Liaisons has a nice atmosphere but who goes there now? Central Station is not much to look at, but the drinks are nice and usually there is no entry charge. The building is a dump but the patrons are usually nice. Chasers…too much to get in and to see what? Nothing. Tudo’s is very nice, parking is rough but the music is “on point”.

  3. While the gay bar scene may be ending in certain places – for a small town like greensboro, it seems to be the only LGBT place to go to.

    There are no lesbian/ gay book stores, coffee shops or just places to meet people outside of the realm of the bar scene. It’s really quite depressing.

  4. I belive the era of the gay club will never truely die. Sometimes that 30 mins of drag or the 2 or 3 hours we are out with friends is the only time where we don’t have to worry about all of our issues and problems. I agress that charlotte bases alot of it’s gay bars around drag but it’s a huge part of the community. Think about the amt of people that only go for the drag show.

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