CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular radio disc jockey has issued on-air and written apologies for anti-gay and offensive remarks he made on the air Tuesday, April 15.

CJ of 96.1 The Beat in Charlotte, N.C., made several remarks regarding openly gay Perez Hilton kissing pop star John Mayer, including calling two men kissing “disgusting,” “sick,” “gross” and “yuck.”

Blogger and activist Brandon Greeson heard the statements while listening to the radio on his way home from work.

“CJ, your words have the ability to impact people’s actions and influence our culture,” Greeson said in a published letter to the disc jockey. “Using your platform to make careless remarks threaten the safety of LGBT students and people in North Carolina and influence a continual cycle of bigotry in our country.”

96.1 The Beat is owned by Clear Channel Communications, which includes sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policies.

“It has come to my attention that comments I made on-air Tuesday the 15th of April, regarding John Mayer and Perez Hilton, were very offensive to some of my listeners,” CJ said in a written apology on the station’s website. “I can tell you that at all times my goal is to entertain and never offend. To anyone that was hurt in anyway, I am deeply sorry! I take full responsibility for my comments and accept the punishment and backlash that is to come.”

An on-air apology was made, as well.

96.1 The Beat CJ On-Air Apology

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