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Comedian Lil Duval has been criticized for comments he made about transgender people (Credit: Publicity)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Comedian Lil Duval, who came under fire for saying on the radio show “The Breakfast Club” for saying he would murder a transgender woman if he found out her gender identity after sex, is coming to the Charlotte Comedy Zone. 

Duval was asked about transgender people while appearing on the show back in late July, following a recent appearance by trans activist Janet Mock. First, Duval was asked about Trump’s transgender military ban, which he brushed off, saying he didn’t care about the topic.

He went on to call transgender people “trannies,” and misgender Mock.

But it was his answer to what he would do if he found out a transgender woman’s gender identity after having sex with her that drew the most attention and brought the most criticism.

“This might sound messed up, and I don’t care, she dying. I can’t deal with that,” Duval said. 

When co-hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee objected, he doubled down.

“I can’t deal with that, nah, I can’t do that. You manipulated me to believe this thing, my mind, I can’t — I’m gay now, I’m gay (after having sex with a trans woman),” Duval said.

“There should be some type of repercussions for that, if you do that to someone,” he added.

“You should go to jail, or something,” Charlamagne Tha God said. 

“Something,” Duval agreed. “Until then, I’m gonna have my own repercussions.” 

“The hosts laugh after using my image as a literal prop — just days after I was a guest on the same show — for laughs, vitriol, and a deeper call and justification for violence,” Mock wrote in an article for Allure. “Just so we are all clear: On a black program that often advocates for the safety and lives of black people, its hosts laughed as their guest advocated for the murder of black trans women who are black people, too!”

Actress and trans advocate Laverne Cox also responded to the incident.

“Some folks think it’s ok to joke about wanting to kill us,” she wrote on Twitter. “We have free speech but that speech has consequences and trans folks are experiencing the negative consequences with our lives. It hurts my spirit cause this isn’t funny. Our lives matter. Trans murder isn’t a joke.”

Shortly after the Duval appearance, Charlamagne Tha God was shouted down by transgender activist while he was on stage at the political convention Politicon. 

Duval defends his comments

Duval has since defended his transphobic comments.

“When you take away somebody’s power of choice, it should be criminal,” he told TMZ. “And you don’t know what it will do to somebody psychologically.” 

He added that he “didn’t have a problem” with transgender or gay people. 

Show cancelled in St. Louis

At least one of Duval’s stand-up shows has been cancelled as a result of the incident on “The Breakfast Club,” as well as his refusal to apologize.  

The Pageant, in St. Louis, cancelled his show scheduled at the venue back in November. 

“You all have set the standard for other cities to follow,” said Leon Braxton, director of diversity and inclusion for Pride St. Louis, when at the news of that the venue pulled the plug on the event. 

Charlotte Comedy Zone asked to cancel shows

Charlotte transgender advocate Paige Dula, who runs the trans support group Genderlines, criticized the Charlotte Comedy Zone, in a Facebook post, for booking Duval. 

“Is this the type of person we want in Charlotte?” she asked. “I don’t think so. I call on folks to call the Comedy Zone and protest his upcoming performances. This type of behavior is what leads to the many names we have to read every November on the Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

“I ask you cancel the shows for Lil Duval,” she wrote in a separate post, made to the Charlotte Comedy Zone’s Facebook page. “He has a problem with transgender women.”

“Is this the type of person you want staining the reputation of your business?” she asked.

Requests for comment from the Charlotte Comedy Zone have so far not yielded a response. This article will be updated should that change. 

Duval is scheduled to perform there on March 29, 30th and 31st. 

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UPDATE: While Comedy Zone owner Brian Heffron has failed to respond to request for comment from qnotes, he has spoken with both Dula as well as WCCB’s Morgan Fogarty. 

“I certainly don’t condone any of that type of behavior in any way, shape, or form,” he told Fogarty.

“It’s a slippery slope when we start saying (who) is allowed to perform here, and (who’s) not allowed to perform here,” he added. 

Dula said he used the same slippery slope argument when speaking with her, and described his demeanor as “huffy.”

She said he made a point to bring up the donations he has made to the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund, and called her “a bully” for bringing up the issue of Duval’s anti-transgender remarks publicly. 

Dula also told qnotes he made the slippery slope argument with her as well, saying blocking a performer from his stage would “get rid of free speech and kill comedy.” She said she tried to explain the difference between free speech and essentially “yelling fire in a crowded theater,” but did not feel she was really heard. 

“He just wasn’t having it,” she said. 

“He said, I just have to revisit whether I’m going to keep contributing to the gay fund, if this is how I’m going to be treated,” Dula said he told her.

She added that she hoped he would donate proceeds from the show to Time Out Youth or PFLAG if he isn’t going to cancel the shows.

“He didn’t commit one way or the other on that,” she said. 

Fogarty reported that he did not respond to her question on that matter either. 

UPDATE 2: Heffron told Fogarty and Dula he will donate a to-be-determined amount of the proceeds from the Lil Duval shows to Time Out Youth.

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