It’s great to be back. The two weeks that led up to putting this print issue to bed and getting it printed and delivered to you were amazing. Sure, there was the obligatory and boring administrative organizing that goes on in any job change, but the transition was largely smooth. After a few months’ absence, I’m grateful to be back in the editor’s chair and serving you.

As I noted in former editor O’Neale Atkinson’s last issue on June 23, I’m appreciative of everything he did to build bridges with new organizations and community members and strengthen already-existing partnerships. I’ll strive to continue his coalition-building. Moving forward, “collaboration” will be qnotes’ key strategy.

Over the next few weeks you’ll begin to notice some important changes in print, on our website and in how we continue to gather and publish community news and events. Our staff will soon head into a special retreat where we can discuss strategic planning and other items.

On our agenda are several items, including:

• new distribution strategies that will increase our print circulation in Charlotte;
• a revamped and community-centric online presence that runs on the power, energy and talents of our readers and community members;
• new outreach efforts in Charlotte and across the state, including monthly coffeehouses, social hours, town hall meetings and more; and
• increased opportunities for monetizing new print and online products that both serve readers and advertisers and increase our ability to continue offering exciting and innovative community news and events coverage.

In addition to these changes, our staff is also gearing up for our participation in and coverage of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, held here in Charlotte this September. qnotes will be among thousands of mainstream, alternative, online, citizen and LGBT journalists descending upon the Queen City. We hope to offer exclusive coverage of the important progressive and LGBT issues that are important to you.

As a reader, business or community organization, you have the opportunity to be involved in this special moment in Charlotte’s history. Covering the Democratic National Convention won’t be cheap and we’re working today to build up the capital it will take to ensure we offer the in-depth coverage we know our readers will expect and enjoy as all things DNC takeover our humble hometown. Individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations can learn more about becoming special sponsors of our convention coverage at

The coming weeks and months will be a busy, productive and exhilarating time for this newspaper, this city, this state and our LGBT community. qnotes’ staff wants to be a part of that action. We want you to be a part, too. Together, we can make it happen.

As we embark on our new strategic outreach efforts, I encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts and comments. If you’ve got suggestions, brainstorming topics, constructive criticism or anything else on your mind, always feel more than free to get in touch. Our staff is available via phone (704-531-9988), via email ( or in person (call or email to schedule an appointment). We can’t wait to hear from you. : :

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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