Keep your friends close and your enem…I mean, friends with whom you simply disagree…closer. How many anti-LGBT groups’ email lists are you subscribed to? I’m on several. I love keeping up with the folks who are out to cause our community harm. I’m in the loop, can counter whatever message they might be broadcasting today and can keep abreast of their fewer and fewer successes and mounting failures.

You can call it outright cruel, but I’ve been especially giddy after learning of the months-long financial crisis inside Raleigh’s Christian Action League, a teetotaling, anti-gay network of fundamentalist and evangelical churches, religious groups and pastors. It seems our “friends” in wolves’ clothing continue to suffer under the weight of a $21,000 debt.

Back in September, the League’s executive director, Rev. Mark Creech, sent out his first of several messages begging and pleading for donations. Unfortunately, his wife got sick just as he began his master plan to get the League back on track. Regardless, wifey is better now and Creech has again picked up his guitar and put out the hat for those who care to toss him some change. What kind of entertainment is he offering in order to garner all that supposed support out there? It’s just the same old worn out song and dance we’ve heard and seen time and time again.

To the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle,” sing with me now: “Queers are raising lots of dough, they’ll take o’er before you know. Anal sex in our classrooms, pedophiles will come next soon. Queers are claiming victory, we’ve got to stop this sodomy!”

Meanwhile, and this is really what’s got poor Creech’s knickers in a twist, Equality North Carolina is drowning in a flood of cash. Along with a coalition of parent, youth and education groups, ENC successfully pushed for an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill last year. This year, they’re embarking on an initiative to end anti-gay discrimination in state employment. And, North Carolina remains without an anti-gay marriage amendment. For six years in a row. Maybe Creech should get some singing and dancing lessons? : :

This article was published in the Feb. 20 – Mar. 5 print edition.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

2 replies on “Christian Panhandling League”

  1. Open Letter to Mark Comer:
    Mark, I am so sorry that you do not know how loving and wonderful Mark and his wife are. The sacrifices they have made personally healthwise, financially, and in other ways are much more than anyone would believe.
    The Crouches as well as I, love the sinner and hate the sin. Unfortunately, there are many who claim to be Christian who cannot see that and for that I apologize. Please read the Bible and look at how this applies to you just as I look at it to see how it applies to me. It is not what others say but your relationship with God. He does love you and He wants the best.

    Please look at what is really causing you to attack the Creeches because when you point one finger at someone else, a thumb and three fingers are pointing back at you just as it would be for me.

    I will be praying for a softening of your heart.


  2. Sherry, dear, who ARE you talking about?

    The author’s name is Matt, and I’m not sure who the Crouches are.

    When you decide whom to target with your admonishing prayer, find your black robe, prayer book, take a deep breath and try this typing thing again.

    You’re laughable.

    By the way, I hate sin of hypocrisy. Cast that first stone, Sherry.

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