Hello Trinity,
In your last few columns, you talked about “cheating” as if it was OK. Why do you make it seem acceptable and common?
Cheating Etiquette, Tulsa, OK

Hello Cheating,
Relationships are long, tumultuous journeys, which will almost always have issues of monogamy, fidelity and sexual promiscuity, especially in today’s sexually charged culture. So sorry to burst your bubble, but while cheating is very unacceptable, it is, however, very real and something that must be discussed. While I do not advocate cheating at all, I do say, never “simply” give up five, 10, 15 or 20 years of work just because of a biological desire or human error.  Honey, all I’m saying is if the one you love, “screws up,”, don’t be so quick to “give up.”

Hey Trinity,
I’m thinking of joining a dating service, but what should I ask a date besides, “What do you look for in someone?
Confused Applicant, Coral Gables, FL

tt_431_050815Hey Applicant,
Most dating services have forms with lots of other questions besides “beauty or beast?” A good question you can ask an applicant (but never in person) is “income.” But, pumpkin, when you’re face to face, you’ll have to x-ray his/her surroundings to figure out their dollar amount! (I look inside to see what’s up with my dates like the cartoon shows.)

Dear Trinity,
When I was 25, I always dated my own age group. Now, I’m approaching 50, but my taste hasn’t changed. Is it immature to date people half my age?
Young At Heart, Reno, NV

Dear Young At Heart,
Wanting and having it all is what life’s all about! And healthy, harmless attractions that make two people happy are worth toasting to! Be young and free for as long as you can. My ex’s grandmother of 50 married herself a 25 year-old-man and, sweetie, 30 years later she still smiles with a twinkle in her eye!

Dearest Trinity,
It’s been six years and our sex life has become sexless. Have you some suggestions?
Sex Lifeless, Charlotte, NC

Dearest Sexless,
Baby, ask and you shall receive with:

Trinity’s Alternative Tips For Keeping The Flame Burning In Your Relationship
1. Foods like chocolate sauce, whip cream, honey, plus flavored lubricants, give “eating out” a whole new meaning!
2. Adult videos have been around since Disney videos and for a reason. Watching people do what you are trying to get in the mood to do helped even Snow White get up and off to work.
3. Setting the mood with a massage, hot bath, sensual music and candles could turn a moody day into a sensually moon filled night.
4. S&M doesn’t only mean straps and muzzles. Light role playing, leather accessories and alluring undergarments could give a boring, “Friday Night at the Movies” it’s academy award.
5. “Our best sex was after a big fight!” doesn’t mean create a fight. But creating fiery, exciting, hot and sweaty fantasies or situations may give you something worth fighting for!
6. Some couples practice threesomes or even invite other couples to “play” with them. It’s been done, it’s being done and it may stop you from saying, “I’m done!”
7. Toys keep kids occupied and free from boredom for hours, sometimes even days. So guess what it can do to your sex life for hours, and if you’re lucky, sometimes days!
8. Medical or psychological problems really do exist which means getting medical or psychological help really can cure sexual problems.
9. Researching other couples to see what they do to keep their sex life alive, as well as reviewing books or tapes like the “Joy Of (any) Sex” can keep you informed and in bed.
10. Lastly, healthy, happy couples need sex or, at least, to be touched, so if you’re not giving a little then your partner may need to get a little… somewhere else. : :

info: With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama performed globally, and is now minister of sponsor, WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, wigministries.org. Learn more at telltrinity.com.