Last year Charlotte Pride initiated a program that provided funding in the form of mini-grants for those in the community in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year the organization has re-launched the program to offer more support for Charlotte’s LGBTQ population.

As the pandemic continues, now in what is being referred to as its “fourth wave,” assistance of any kind can’t come quick enough for some. Specified attention is being provided for individuals who are economically challenged and are facing discrimination because of race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Charlotte Pride Community Relief Program is intended to act as a bridge to help handle lapses in support as individuals navigate their daily lives and struggles. At the core of Charlotte Pride’s mission is outreach to community. They hope to be able to support the LGBTQ  community as much as possible during this time of need. 

As detailed reports by organizations like HRC and GLAAD have confirmed, people in the LGBTQ community are far more likely to face barriers and hardship in their lives than their heterosexual and /or cisgender counterparts. This is particularly true for people of color and/or Transgender/Gender Expansive individuals. 

If you’re in need of support, you should apply immediately. Applications are open now through September 6, for LGBTQ Charlotteans at risk of losing their residential spaces or those who have recently become unemployed. Assistance of up to $500 is available. Go to to see full eligibility requirements and start your application. 

If you’re fortunate enough not to need support but want to help during this challenging time, here are three ways you can pitch in: 

  1. Share with friends or family in need. Forward this email to your LGBTQ friends and family in Charlotte who may be eligible for this support.
  2. Share on social media on your own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other networks.
  3. Point people here to directly support the ongoing work of Charlotte Pride, including programs and services like the Charlotte Pride Community Relief Program.

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