Marigny co-owner Nathan Richards.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Another local LGBT nightlife establishment is joining the growing list of local gay bars and clubs to close. The move will leave one non-profit fundraising group without a home.

Marigny Dance Club announced Saturday morning that it would not be renewing its lease. The club will close at the end of the month.

“After 4 1/2 years and a lot of great times Marigny Dance Club has decided not to renew it’s lease and to close it’s doors,” the club said in a short message of Facebook. “Thank you to all of our loyal patrons for so much support over the years.”

Opened by business partners Nathan Richards and DJ Peter Presta in the fall of 2011, the club attempted to bring a unique “New Orleans” flair to the local nightlife scene. In fall of 2012, the club hosted a party for the Stonewall Democrats during the 2012 Democratic National Convention. It has also supported a variety of local non-profits, including Southern Country Charlotte, an LGBT fundraising and Country Western dancing enthusiasts’ group.

Southern Country Charlotte recently moved to Marigny to host its weekly line-dance lessons, soon before its previous host, Hartigan’s Irish Pub, closed in March.

Southern Country’s annual Queen City Stomp was also held at the club earlier this month. The group plans to award the funds it raised to beneficiaries Time Out Youth and One Voice Chorus at a “Farewell to Marigny” event next Wednesday.

The dancing club has not publicly announced where it will move next.

Marigny’s closure follows a string of recent closures for other establishments. Along with Hartigan’s, Lake Wylie’s Rainbow In also announced its closure in March. Last weekend, Greensboro’s 22-year-old Warehouse 29 also said it was closing at the end of May.

Warehouse 29’s closure leaves Greensboro and Winston-Salem with just two nightlife establishments catering to LGBT community members. In Charlotte and surrounding areas, 10 such businesses remain.

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

6 replies on “Charlotte nightclub to close”

  1. There is a new establishment opening in Winston Salem. Club Snap is projecting to open near the first of June. It is a cozy atmosphere with gay ownership.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Why don’t you do a story on WHY all the glbt clubs and restaurants are closing? I have considered partnering in such a venture, but seeing all the others closing this year, it seems like a ridiculous idea. But don’t we still need a comfortable place to go?


  3. The recent closures are not all related to the same situation. Rainbow Inn was family related and location. Hartigans was a decline in customers, there were not enough clients to support the size of the space; if it was just the up or downstairs of the club, it might have been sustainable. Marigny lost it’s game when Cathode Azure opened, granted it didn’t really have much game before then. It was a straight club that failed and transitioned to a gay club and the DJs for the most part failed to energize the crowd (i.e. they were not very good).

    The closures are not fully systemic, but there are some trends, overall acceptance is increasing, allowing more “cross pollination” in clubs and bars, this should be seen as a good thing. Second you have Gen Y which is seeking different venues and constant change, something that is hard to do with the amount of investment required in clubs/bars.

  4. One of the pros of being able to be openly gay without fear also comes with a con to old school things such as “Gay Bars”.

    Society no longer keeps us (gays) in fear so that we go meet up at Gay Bars to feel safe. We openly go out with all our friends (gay and straight) now as one group vs having to split up and go out based on orientation.

    Also, hook-up apps no longer make it necessary to go out to seek fun. Fun is only an “app” away now.

    So, with an open Society and free Apps, it is only a matter of time that bars that only cater to Gays all shut.

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