Constance Johnson
Constance Partee Johnson has been active on social media since losing her bid in the Charlotte mayoral race.

Constance Partee Johnson was a late entry into the Democratic Charlotte mayoral primary, entering just before the deadline. She, along with Lucille Puckett, were expected to be long shots against Mayor Roberts, Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles and Sen. Joel Ford, all of whom had more name recognition, experience and resources.

She participated in some, but not all, of the debates. The final debate, hosted by WBTV and The Charlotte Observer, included only those candidates who had filed campaign finance reports on July 28 and August 8.

Yet Johnson, who received just over 300 votes, for less than one percent of the final total, is not looking at her late start or lack of proper filing as sources of her failure to win the Democratic primary, won by Lyles, and has instead set her sights on the media, Roberts, and the political process in Mecklenburg County.

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Johnson also made a disparaging remark about Hindus in one of her post-loss posts to Facebook.

“So now we know that we need a whole different voting infrastructure,” Johnson writes on one post. “I know a church with over 300 members that voted for me…a group of Republicans that crossed over to support me, and I have over 100 family members in Charlotte that voted for me. So God inspired me to show you that 7.7% cannot change evil and cannot remove evil from our political process. God’s people are not actively involved and THIS is an effective way to change every wrong.”

Johnson also goes after “media companies,” calling them “greedy and violent caring only for their pockets,” and specifically calls out The Charlotte Observer, WSOC and WBTV, claiming they have a “violent nature.”

She also says the “Mecklenburg Democrats” have that same violent nature, and accuses Mayor Roberts of being involved in fixing the race against her.

Johnson even went so far as to accuse The Observer, WSOC and WBTV of violating election law by not giving her more exposure, and said that those outlets, as well as Roberts, “will pay.”

Johnson goes after Hindus

Johnson continues in one post by bringing up race and religion.

“If you continue to sit back and not engage, all that you know, all that you love and hold dear, will be bought out and thrown out including the laws of Jesus. Hindus and Confederates throw people out of their homes because of race, income, and skin color, Christians don’t,” she writes. “Jesus’ family knew every name of every official, voted, and paid taxes long before Jesus was born, and so did He, and you must also. Anything outside of your full participation is suicide and Heaven does not accept suicide.”

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Not the first time Johnson has struck out after losing

Johnson has a history of making controversial statements on social media, having done so in 2015 after her failed bid for a seat on the Salisbury City Council.

“So a little Jewish candidate tried to lower my power by offering me some cash to pretend to be my sugar daddy, citing that it was personal money,” Johnson wrote on Facebook. “I took it, beat the crap out of him at the next debate, and he told everybody I stole his car signs and he wanted his money back. I have never stolen anything in my life and never return gifts from cheap men.”

UPDATE: Johnson continues to make posts regarding the election. 

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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5 replies on “Charlotte mayoral candidate Constance Partee Johnson goes after Roberts, the media and Hindus after loss”

  1. QGossip, I don’t attack innocent people like Hindus. They are immigrants no different from anyone else. I highlighted the attitudes towards Blacks during the Roberts era as Mayor. Blacks were gentrified and blocked from opportunities all throughout her term while those from India were given business opportunities, festivals, higher paying jobs, training, that others were not.

    I believe the racial favortism left with Roberts. And hopefully the media will return to allowing me to speak frankly about race and culture as anyone else does. Blacks are not the Untouchables and if I observe Blacks being thrown out of their homes due to hotelband housing developmemts from investors in Charlotte I will bring up the issue of Untouchables again. Do not assume I have surrendered on the racist violent acts overlooked because people are assumed to be innocent that are not. I am generally accurate in my projections.

    All those responding to me because I highlight truths that you have not researched will soon find themselves regretful.

    Constance Partee Johnson

    1. Ms. Johnson, who has prohibited you from speaking frankly about race, culture or any other topic of your choosing and discernment? Just because you’re not getting coverage for your platform doesn’t mean you have been muzzled.

      Congratulations on the media coverage for your continuing journey into uncharted ‘free speech’ territory regarding race and culture! Those comments will follow you when you seek office. How else could you pull in 277 less votes in Charlotte than in little, pitiful Salisbury?

  2. Like a septic tank explosion, Constance Johnson’s comments must be seen, in order to be believed!

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