Artistic and life partners Scott Hinkle and Joe Wilcox collaborate extensively, each looking for details the other might miss to create their vivid and uplifting floral images.

The inaugural Charlotte Fine Art Show is coming to the Carolinas on May 10 and 11. Setting up shop in the Merchandise Mart will be 125 of the finest artists from across the U.S. and Canada. The show tours from site to site and hosts a wide variety of talented visual artists who work in several media.

The event will feature a juried show including works in glass, clay, wood, fiber, jewelry, sculpture, painting, metal and photography. The pieces range in price from $10-$10,000 and focus on quality. Live artist demonstrations, live entertainment and kids activities will also be provided.

Scott Hinkle and Joe Wilcox are the artists behind Photography by Scott and Joe. They have been life partners for 10 years and have been creating photography together for seven. Their studio is located in Fort Lauderdale and they focus their interests almost entirely on vibrant floral compositions.

The couple tour the country extensively with their images, attending 48 shows each year. Q-Notes spoke with Hinkle about the process of working with his partner and the art they create together.

“We both take hundreds of photos, then we share the process of eliminating shots,” said Hinkle. “We each have a very different eye so one of us will almost always find something that the other has missed. Once the best shots are selected we share the creative task of processing the photo.”

Hinkle said that working so closely with his partner on creative projects has definitely strengthened the bond between them. “It can get interesting when we’re setting up a booth, because we have different ideas about organization, but otherwise it’s extremely positive working together.”

When asked how each of the partners expresses his voice through the same image, Hinkle explained that “we bring the focus to different parts of the image. Sometimes the exact same photo will yield several images, simply because the focus can be brought to different parts of the subject.”

Reflecting on his early motivation to pursue his now signature photographic niche, Hinkle said he was inspired by the colors and textures in nature. For that reason he is particularly interested in plants and flowers.

“I just love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they see our largest prints. I can see joy in their eyes, and I like giving people happiness.”

Hinkle has been behind a camera since high school, but fell headlong into photography with the advent of digital processing. His two passions being photography and technology, he was completely absorbed by the potential of the merger of the two.

“With the new technologies you can enhance colors and really zoom into tiny detail, thus revealing the whole flower even by glimpsing only part of it. I also like experimenting with three-dimensional illusions.”

Because Hinkle and Wilcox are gay men living in Fort Lauderdale, a city famed for its abundance of male beauty, we asked Hinkle about not photographing the city’s bronzed Adonises.

“No matter how spontaneous the image is, I always feel that my portraits and human studies turn out looking overly posed,” he said. Besides, he joked, “so many photographers there are already doing male nudes that I feel fine exploring the natural beauty in the world. I live to see people’s faces when they unexpectedly come across one of my three-part studies. I love that look of amazement.”

The first annual Charlotte Fine Art Show occurs May 10 and 11 at The Charlotte Merchandise Mart, Freedom Hall, 2500 E. Independence Blvd. Show hours are Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m Admission is $5. For additional show information, visit
To see more of Hinkle and Wilcox’s work, visit