The Charlotte Business Guild isn’t the only LGBT group making changes to programming or leadership. In fact, the Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Charlotte also made changes to its board officers. The Center’s former chair, Denise Palm-Beck, stepped down from that role at the end of her term in July and remains on the board. The Center’s former vice chair, John Stotler, has succeeded Palm-Beck as chair. Frank Kalian remains treasurer and Teresa Davis is secretary. Learn more at

On the activist front, a new grassroots group has formed. Queer Rising QC aims to “education, inspire, and encourage actions that will lead to a new world of acceptance and equal treatment of the LGBT community all over the world.” You can find the group on Facebook:

Be sure to read our story on leadership and programming changes at the Charlotte Business Guild.

4 replies on “Center leadership changes, new activism group forms”

  1. Any NEW members on the Center’s Board? I wonder if this Board will be more in touch with the community.

  2. John Stotler has been involved in this community for years. I hope his vision can help the center get back on track.

  3. KJ, I too hope John can bring the center back to some sort of mission. It’s been lacking one for a long time now, and so many people int eh community would be so supportive if only the community center had the guts to do something, stand up for somehting, speak out for soemthing. But, no, it hasn’t done that in a long while.

  4. Thank you all for the encouragement. I would very much like to hear from the community about what they would like from The Center. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact The Center and ask those be forwarded to me! Thank you!

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