Graham Gano
Graham Gano, Carolina Panthers kicker and shorts model (Credit: Instagram/Gano)

By Mike Price, The Charlotte Observer

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano may have eclipsed Cam Newton when it comes to wearing crazy clothes.

Gano is known for his dry sense of humor on social media, but fans didn’t know what to make of it Tuesday when he tweeted a photo of himself proudly modeling a pair of lion-patterned men’s shorts. (Maybe, a swimsuit? Or boxers?) 

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“I tried these shorts on and my wife seemed embarrassed. I don’t see what the big deal is,” Graham posted with the tweet.

Hundreds reacted on social media, and the response was quick, funny and less than flattering….although Gano did get a lot of compliments on his legs. (A Reddit discussion group was created to debate whether or not Gano shaves them.)

Among the reactions on Twitter:

“Those will scare away any and all women,” posted Jimmy Traina.

“It’s only embarrassing if you bought them. Your teammates may disagree,” tweeted Norm Caudell.

“You live in an area of Charlotte where that’s completely acceptable,” wrote Ken Prain Jr.

“Your wife is a smart woman! Listen to her,” responded Mary George.

“Another drug test coming…,” wrote Daniel Petterson.

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  1. `Just Do It` is written on his shirt, so why shouldn´t he wear a lion-covered sort of pants, I would not, but some like wearing lions around their hips…….

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