Military fatigues and apparel are all the rage for the fall season and readers can be part of the “in crowd” with an assortment of options to look sharp and drill ready. Now they see, now they don’t in this selection of camouflage apparel and accessories designed to help you stand out while you blend in. Can you say, “ten-hut?” Be attention-getting and strut your stuff. 1-2-3-4…

alphaindustries_bomberjacketBombers Away

Wear white after Labor Day like a maverick with Alpha Industries’ stark snow-colored camo bomber jacket in a vintage fit that features a zip pocket on the sleeve; two-button-closure hand pockets; and ribbed collar, cuffs and hem. Available at, $193.


Drop and Give ’Em Twenty

Herschel Supply Co’s. Charlie Wallet in woodland camo helps you eliminate lopsided back-bugle from suit pants and skinny jeans with its slim, streamlined design that provides just enough space for an ID and a couple cards. Available at, $20.


Precious Cargo

Your EDM-festival fashion game gets lit like a glow stick in these leather laser-etched jogger-style cargo pants in shimmering silver from designer Daniel Won. Available at, $1,195.


Private Parts

Ditch your military-grade tighty-whiteys and prepare your troops for battle in the G.I.-inspired camo-print MeUndies available in boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks, and traditional briefs. Available at, $24.


Bag Drag

Show your support for America’s Armed Forces by turning old military uniform tops into functional, practical duffel bags complete with semi-leather sides and nylon-webbing handle from Military Apparel Company. Available at, $55.


Tied & True

Camouflage goes formal — because who isn’t on the hunt when they’re lookin’ fly AF? — with this wool tie from The Hill-Side, a Brooklyn-based, brother-run company known for its blue collar-ish aesthetic. Available at J.Crew, $124.


Desert Kween

You’ll turn more than a few high-and-tights during Fleet Week in Daniel Won’s laser-perforated Anthony camo tee made from genuine lambskin. Available at, $695

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  1. LOL, like many of us working stiffs could drop $695 for a T-shirt, or $1195 for cargo pants; get real, this is NC, not Manhattan.

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