4 replies on “California or bust”

  1. I’m afraid the cost of it all — travel, wedding costs, etc. — will prevent so many people from traveling to enjoy California’s recognition of our full human dignity.

  2. what would be the point of spending that money on full human dignity when the citizens of california have enough signatures to put this to a popular vote? it’d be more financially astute to wait until after the election to find out if a wedding would even be valid 6 months from now.

  3. I’m happy for everyone that wants to get married but personally find the idea of marriage a little gross.
    ONE person the rest of your life, WHY?
    I’m only 40 and the thought of being tied to 1 person for the rest of my adult life is the stuff nightmares are made of. Theirs too many cute guys out there still left.
    Like I said I’m happy for those that want to play house but hopefully it’s not catching.

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