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From Project Q Atlanta:

Atlanta drag queen Pasha Nicole, we’ve got one tip for you: When your go-go dancer housemate locks his gay sex slaves in the closet, it’s best not to find the nearest television camera and profess that you really didn’t know what was happening.

But there was Nicole (top photo), now known to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office as Christopher Thomas Lynch, gabbing to Fox 5 on March 2. That was the same day that deputies arrested her housemate Steven Donald Lemery – the 35-year-old better known to customers of BJ Roosters, the go-go bar on Cheshire Bridge Road, as dancer Steven Lang – and charged him with using social media sites to entice male teens from Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina to visit his home in Douglas County for sex, only to then lock some of them in his bedroom closet and force them into prostitution.

“[Lemery] entered into a sexual relationship with this child and began to prostitute him online,” Sheriff Phil Miller tells Fox 5 of a victim from Alabama. Miller says there may be as many as four victims, some of them minors. Douglas County is about 25 miles west of Atlanta.

Nicole was later arrested after she appeared on Atlanta news:

As Lemery was cooling his heels at the Douglas County Jail, where he’s being held without bond, Nicole took to the Atlanta airwaves to pitch her spin on the story. It goes something like this: She lived in the house with Lemery, Lemery’s wife, the boyfriend of Lemery’s wife, and the children that Lemery and his wife somehow managed to have when they weren’t disrupted from the noise coming from their master bedroom closet. That’s where authorities allege Lemery stowed his victims. And Nicole, to hear her tell it, didn’t know of the alleged depravity taking place.

“There had been a vast amount of different boys coming into the house,” Nicole tells Fox 5. “Some of them looked younger. I was asking questions. Steven would get really offensive and make vague threats.”

A victim from Alabama recognized Nicole as one of his abusers and later called police, after which she was arrested and charged with human trafficking of a minor person for sexual servitude, 2 counts of sexual exploitation of a child, pandering by compulsion and possession of drug-related objects.

Other victims in the trafficking case came from Georgia and South Carolina.

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Douglas Co. Man Accused of Luring Teens for Sex:

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