Hey Trinity,
I met someone who asked me out, but after we had sex, they told me they were married. Why do we singles end up being play ponies for the married elite?
Sincerely, Play Ponies, South Hampton, NY

Hey Play Ponies,
It does seem like every time a single person, or pony, steps into the field, the bar or goes dating, the odds become higher and higher that they’ll end up a play pony for an already taken jockey! Today, more and more couples are “playing” or “open.” And for some reason, couples seem to “open up” their relationship after about three to seven years. So honey, before getting taken for another ride, just come right out and ask, ”Are you married?” I do… well, most of the time!
Love, Trinity

Dear Trinity,
I’m a 48-year-old gay man who loves dancing, but the circuit parties are so filled with drugs and steroids that it’s depressing me. Is my gay generation silently ruining their lives in exchange for being bigger and higher?
Yours, Bigger & Higher, Montréal, QC

Dear Bigger & Higher,
I agree, it IS a silent problem. It’s so strongly connected to the freedom of being openly gay, yet silently connected to the destruction of gay men as well. When I’m at a circuit party, I try to create a healthy circle of friends that inspire my “clean” experience, while at the same time trusting that everyone around us is on their own ever-changing path. Sweetie, that which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger… or at least higher?
Yours, Trinity

Hey Trinity,
I’m in love and want to call my girlfriend everyday, but I don’t want to call too much. Any advice?
Thanks, Phone Or Not Phone, Peoria, IL

Hey Phone Or Not Phone,
I understand love and wanting to hear someone’s voice everyday, even every minute ,but, pumpkin, there are healthy and unhealthy rules that must be respected in the beginning of a relationship. Besides using good intuition for when or not to call and letting someone get off the phone quickly if they’re busy, also try to remember to never call more than twice a day or three times a week (the first month), and never leave long messages. The phrase “short and sweet” has lots of power!
Hugs, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
I love my partner, but after a night at the clubs he smells; we both do, but I can’t get him to shower. Then he wants to have sex, but he stinks. Help?
Clubs, Cleanliness and Communication,  Seattle, WA

Hello Clubs, Cleanliness and Communication,
Men, you can take ‘em out, but you can’t clean ‘em up. Listen, baby, on your refrigerator try posting:

Trinity’s Hard Tips for How to Prepare for Sex (Without Taking a Shower) After a Night at the Clubs

  1.  Before laying down, go down to the bathroom and…
  2. If you SMOKE, brush your teeth, tongue and upper palate. If you’re sans, toothbrush put toothpaste on your finger and “fake” brush.
  3. If you TOUCHED money, food or other hands, wash your hands!
  4. If you’ve BEEN SWEATING, wet some toilet paper and yes, wipe your butt clean!
  5. If you’re UNCIRCUMSISED clean your appendage, and if you’re circumcised, still wipe it clean!
  6. If your BREATH is bad (which it is), use mouthwash.
  7. If your FEET SMELL, wet them, wipe them, then sprits a bit of cologne on them.
  8. If your HAIR SMELLS, of cigarettes or sweat, wet a hand cloth, and wipe it or run water through it.
  9. If your ARMPITS SMELL, apply some baby powder or just a bit of cologne.
  10. Lastly, if you’re GASSY, light incense and fart outside the bed sheets while romantically covering your lover’s ears.

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