Yesterday, qnotes reported on Appalachian State University’s rejection of Judy Shepard’s memoir as, allegedly, “too homophobic.”

The professor directing the summer reading program also said there were “concerns that a grief-stricken mother had gotten into print on a subject that she neither wholly understand nor have (sic) a broad experience with.”

Since yesterday evening, the story has taken off on Twitter, Facebook, LGBT news-media and the blogosphere.“Is Judy Shepard’s book homophobic?” “Appalachian State University’s Insulting Words for Judy Shepard”“Tell Appalachian State University: Don’t Diminish The Fight Against LGBT Violence”

Huffington Post Matthew Shepard’s Mother’s Memoir Homophobic? ‘The Meaning Of Matthew’ Rejected From College Reading List

The folks at are asking readers to send a note to the professor directing the reading program. They want an apology. Michael Jones notes, “Sure, their committee should have every right to pick whatever books they want for their summer reading group. But they shouldn’t have to insult LGBT advocates in the process.

Matt Comer

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