Flip Benham, left, stands in the lobby of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center with Ante Pavkovic to his right.

UPDATE: Charlotte rejected their LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination proposal by a vote of 6-5. Details on the nearly five hour public comment and debate here.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As City Council hears tonight from a list of 120 speakers on a contentious LGBT non-discrimination ordinance proposal, anti-LGBT activists are confronting transgender people attempting to use Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center bathrooms.

qnotes has received two reports of confrontations of transgender people using the government center’s bathrooms, including one confrontation in which anti-LGBT street preacher Flip Benham, once convicted of stalking a local abortion doctor, confronted a 17-year-old transgender girl.

Olivia, 17, told qnotes she went to use the women’s restroom on the second floor of the government center. Inside, everything was fine and she heard no complaints from the adult women in the restroom. But when she came out, Olivia says a man confronted her, called her a “young man” and said she shouldn’t have been in the women’s restroom.

[Ed. Note — We have opted not to publish Olivia’s or her mother’s last name due to safety concerns.]

Olivia also said that Benham joined in the confrontation. Benham’s fellow activist, Ante Pavkovic, apparently recorded the incident, but Benham refused to show qnotes the video, saying he’ll send it to Sean Hannity at Fox News.

“I don’t want a pervert like yourself trying to misrepresent what happened in there when that young boy went into that bathroom with the young girls,” Benham said.

The teenager said she responded angrily, calling Benham an “asshole,” but her mother, Darlena, said she felt Benham was the aggressor. She stepped between them. As they walked away, Benham allegedly said the teenager should be arrested.

Benham called the teenager a “punk” and a “pervert” and claimed there were children in the restroom.

“He was in the bathroom with the kids. That boy was in with our girls,” Benham said, when asked if he thought it was appropriate to confront a 17 year old.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Captain Mike Campagna, on scene at the government center, said he had not heard any reports of confrontations at restrooms, but that CMPD was monitoring situations and would be prepared to prevent them if they occurred.

One other transgender person, activist Janice Covington Allison, was apparently also confronted by anti-LGBT activists on the government center’s second floor.

qnotes was unable to speak to Allison for details, though she confirmed the incident via text.

One of the most contentious components of the proposed ordinances has been an update to the city’s public accommodations law. Opponents have claimed it would allow predators to put women and children at harm. Supporters of the ordinance have called such claims scare tactics and said transgender people are most often targeted for harassment or violence, not the perpetrators of violence.

Ordinance debate continues

As of this story’s publication, Charlotte City Council was hearing from their 81st speaker on the proposed ordinances. A total of 120 had signed up to speak.

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UPDATE: Charlotte rejected their LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination proposal by a vote of 6-5. Details on the nearly five hour public comment and debate here.


Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

128 replies on “Anti-LGBT activists confront transgender teenager at Charlotte government center bathrooms”

  1. This makes me sick. Why don’t these people with their perverted sense of justice go away and leave decent people alone. They are the ones causing trouble and should be dealt with accordingly.

    The world would be a much better place without these self-righteous hippocrates!

    1. I am a transgender woman. Personally I prefer not using public restrooms at all. Unfortunately, however there are occasions when I have to go. I am 130lbs, 5’6″ and very feminine; it would be unsafe for me to use the men’s bathroom. My word, I don’t understand all this focus and fear involving bathrooms; it’s a depository for human waste.

    1. Nobody mentioned anything about that….. O.o

      Lay off the gay porn dude, it’s penetrated your brain.

      1. His name is “ab”. Am I the only one who is thinking Freud would have a hay day with that? Lol

    2. I bet if your girlfriend (doubtful that you have one) asked you to perform anal, you’d hop on that train faster than we can say “hypocrite”.

    3. Why do homophobes contemplate homosexual sex more than homosexuals do? News flash, not all homosexuals engage in anal sex and not all heterosexuals abstain from it. #justsayin

    4. what is normal about a grown man waiting for a 17 year old by a bathroom to confront them? Nothing. That’s absurd. The only people with a gay agenda are straight people.

    5. ab,

      Needing to pee is about a million miles removed from anal intercourse. Lots of trans people never have anal sex, lots of non-trans straight people DO have anal sex.

      What you’re complaining about has literally nothing to do with trans people.

    6. theres a gspot in the anus, ultimately producing a heightened sense of eudemonia in both individuals taking part in such a practice

    7. Why are you talking about gay men and not the young Trans woman who may be a lesbian. You seem to have gay sex on the mind. Rather preoccupied with it in fact!

    8. I’m a M-F transgender and I’ve only had sex with one person, my legal wife of 37 years. I was born male and legally married my wife, a woman and we will stay married until death do us part. So much for your theory.

    9. It’s called soap and water babe. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean we don’t.

    10. You’re the one who mentioned that idiot no one else here did.

      Is someone overcompensating or what?

      Ding ding ding we have a winner!

    11. You obviously spend enough time thinking about it to feel it worth your time to comment about it. I guess that makes it normal for you.

    12. Where’s the requirement that it should have to be? Unless you climax as soon as possible, only ever in a woman’s vagina, and only for the purposes of procreation, then you should sew shut the defecating orifice in the middle of your misshapen face. If you’ve ever received any form of sexual stimulation from a hand or mouth, or performed those acts on anyone else, you have no valid standing and we can dismiss your drooling-stupid comment as the foul smelling waste byproduct of a knuckle dragging relic from the days when caves looked like a good place to live. If you have a problem with anal sex why do you not confront heterosexuals about it? And how do you know that a gay couple engages in anal sex? You like peeping through windows or what? You’re an intellectual coward, hiding behind critique of a sex act when it’s the orientation you actually object to. At least bigots usually have the balls to stand by their imbecilic worldview, but you lack the stones for even that. Pathetic.

    13. Are you a member of the G ay O bsessed P arty? Just come on out of the closet and get it over with. We won’t laugh.

    14. AB, why do you care what some one else’s sex practices?

      And even more importantly, why do you spend time thinking and fantasizing what people do in bed?

      FYI gay men are not the only people who like anal sex. A big portion of the female population likes it too.

  2. What these people need to see is a very masculine trans man going into the women’s restroom. And when confronted, he should say, “Hey, this is what you wanted.”

    1. If it weren’t for the problems it would cause the trans man who chose to do this, I think this would be quite an edifying approach to demonstrating the problem.

    2. You’re absolutely right z. Like Tess said, if it didn’t cause the trans man problems it would work well. The thing is, if these (overly conservative asshole) people ever got what they think they want, they would be crying all over again – OVER THE SAME THINGS. What they really want is for us (trans people) to stop existing. That’s not going to happen though.

    3. I’ve been contemplating just that. I’m trans, 6ft tall with a full beard… I’ll walk in right behind his wife and see how he likes that

      1. Michael Hughes this comment just made you my new hero. I am a biological female, I am I guess what some call gender queer. I get sir’d all the time and I prefer it. My real name is Brandy, but my fiancee and a lot of friends call me Dean as I prefer.
        I was married to a M2F trans for six years. She is a good person and just wants to live a normal life. What people don’t understand is that’s all we want. Just because we like the same sex or are trans or whatever the case, absolutely does My mean we are pedophiles or are deviously lusting over every human we come in contact with.
        I’m from a very small country town and the confused ones understood when I explained to them that she was born with what I would say is a common birth defect. Her brain developed one gender while her body developed into the other. You can’t change brains to become what society believes you should be, you have to change the outside to what you know you are. If you were a vegetable in a hospital with no brain activity then you’re not you, you’re just an empty vessel. Our minds are who we are. Society doesn’t, normally, beat up or shun people with other birth defects and trans people should be no different.
        After explaining this to the ones that had a problem, we never had a problem again and they got to know her and now she is missed by many since we moved on from each other.

      2. Michael, you sir, are my hero. I’m constantly saying we should get together a group of big, burly, beardy trans men to go use the women’s restrooms at the offices of folks who think we should be forced into restrooms based on the gender we were assigned at birth.

        As a trans woman, me in the men’s room doesn’t bother their sensibilities, because they aren’t worried about my safety.

      3. This comment is for Dean. Dean, I would just like to say that maybe your “given name” is Brandy, but your REAL name is “Dean”. If that’s what you prefer, then that is your real name. Good for you!

      4. once a female always a female you freak! I don’t care how tall or how much hair you have on your face you bearded lady circus side show freak! you are not a man you are xx chromosome bulldyke that’s all you will ever be sister!

    4. Part of me is like “yes totally” and then another part of me is “well, I already get harassed in women’s rooms for being too masculine, to the point where I have to bring a cis lady friend with me to feel safe using the fucking bathroom and this would only make that worse”.

      And maybe I’d get fewer looks using the men’s room, provided I never say anything and also never go in when I have my period.

  3. Creepy old man stalking kids, hanging around outside ladies restrooms and they’re the perverts? Welcome to Alabama on steroids and the pottie police. Lost the marriage equality need a new shtick to fill the declining money grab. Mother and trans girl should file police report for harassment and stalking. Lovely city you have there one, I’ll never set foot in again.

    1. It makes no sense but then again, when has fundamentalist Christianity ever made sense? It’s a belief that a magic sky daddy sent his son to commit suicide by Roman because he got angry after a couple of people ate some fruit.

  4. “Opponents have claimed it would allow predators to put women and children at harm. Supporters of the ordinance have called such claims scare tactics and said transgender people are most often targeted for harassment or violence, not the perpetrators of violence.”

    What many have said isn’t that we think transgenders will be a risk to our kids (I don’t know that to be true or untrue), but that predators now have a disguise. Ex: a pedophile dresses as the opposite sex and let’s him/herself right in to a secluded spot with a child. It already happens, why would it not increase ?

    1. Since when have we started denying the rights of a minority group because of concerns over a violent act a member of the majority might do?That majority already enjoys the very same privileges they are attempting to deny the minority – that is to use a bathroom consistent with their gender identity, presentation, and life.

    2. Oh please. If you want to deal w/ more REALISTIC What-Ifs, pay more attention to Catholic priests (and other “men of the cloth” too!)

      Pedophiles have plenty of access to children dressed as masculine as (I guess) you do. They don’t need to dress up as women to do so (indeed, that would subject them to more scrutiny).

    3. As far as what you think may be true or not true, there has literally never been a recorded instance of a trans person attacking someone, harassing someone, peeping on someone, or anything else when using the bathroom. Not a single one. (Though there are many cases of trans people who want to pee in peace being attacked or harassed by others.)

      As far as these other perverts you worry about, if they want to walk into the women’s restroom and harass women, they can do so any time they want. They don’t have to dress up or pretend or anything else; they can just walk right through the door.

      Please, just think about what it would be like if you weren’t allowed to use the bathroom in public. Or if you were a woman who had to worry about being arrested if you used the women’s room or sexually assaulted if you used the men’s room. Trans people are faced with that dilemma all the time, and it causes huge problems. We should be able to pee without problems, just like anyone else.

    4. I really befuddled by the lack of knowledge and the fear based stereotypes of transgender women. Virtually ALL the abuse of NON trans women are from heterosexual males. In addition, something like 85% of the murders of women are at the hands of men they know or have been intimate with. The vast majority of child molesters ..are either family members or men AND women that have established some sort of bond to a child. It is a bit pathetic to give an example of a MAN dressing up as a women just so he could go to a public restroom to rape/molest a child or a woman.

    5. So… assuming disguise means to dress up as something you are not. Which means you have a bunch of women dressing as men, and men dressing as women… right?

      Would that imply that you are stating that cis gender folk… that is people that identify as their assigned at birth gender… are predators?

      Sounds plausible… >.>

    6. There already paedophiles who wear dresses and molest kids. They’re called priests!

      Most paedophiles are family members, friends of the family or trusted members of society. Kids are far more likely to be molested by an uncle or father than a stranger. The crime statistics back this up definitively.

      So do not pick on a vulnerable minority over some kind of unsubstantiated fear based on ignorance. Religions need to get their own house in order first.

  5. @ Z… Or to have a heavily breaded transman follow this restroom stalker’s wife / daughter into the ladies restroom. With their original birth cert. I’d almost pay to see that.

  6. The fucks business is it of theirs to get in others business like that? Being a transgender absolutely does not make a person a child molester nor a pervert. Stay your large snotty noses in your own lives and stay out of others.

  7. Did you know that the vast majority of pedophiles are straight? I can’t even imagine any transgendered person I have know to have any such thoughts. Their lives are difficult enough already.

    1. More appropriate in this instance is to say “the vast majority of pedophiles are cisgender,” as in they are people who are comfortable in their assigned birth gender. Sexuality isn’t a factor with transgender people. Many of us identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and even asexual.

  8. Typical of the religious extremists. Attack those that don’t conform to their choice in dogma. Remember, religion is a freedom because it’s a choice, not objective reality.

  9. I have to wonder how many of these “activists” are even aware that transmen exist. There are FtM men with beards and hairy chests and whatnot who would cause MUCH more of a stir in the women’s restroom than you’d get from a crossdresser or transwoman.

  10. one of the commenters to the city council claimed that a ‘grown man’ was arrested outside the restroom – some were so hateful even as the proclaimed their love for ‘the lgbt’s’. ugh

  11. Only men expose their genitals in a restroom. women take care of business in a locked stall. Then we have to walk out to the stares of perverted men wondering what it is we are hiding in our panties.

  12. The fear that imaginary perverts will suddenly start lurking in washrooms pretending to be women is completely ridiculous, especially when you consider that the same religions that are so concerned about this have many real perverts lurking in their organizations pretending to be priests etc. Go deal with real problems and leave us alone!!

  13. I all of the research I have seen nobody has presented any documented proof of arrest trial and conviction of any transgendered individual who has used a restroom as the place of the “Crime” This entire argument is without any valid argument.

  14. I’m much more concerned about a 60-something male adult with a stalking conviction harassing a minor as they come out of the restroom while their accomplice records it on video.

  15. People have every right to stalk and harass and question anyone they please, unless they are cops then they can’t do dique.

  16. Why am I not surprised? Christians are among the biggest hypocrites on the planet. If I were the judge I’d commit this nut to a high security mental institution because he’s justifying his predatory behavior with ancient writings that are self-contradictory and in a large sense untrue. Come on, we live in the 21st century. Do you really think there’s an invisible old man living in the sky who can, but often chooses not to, intervene in our lives. If he’s so powerful, why does he care if we worship him or not. My brother is the CEO of a large company and he doesn’t mind if the janitors badmouth him at his leisure. They say Olivia went against this storybook man by going on to live as a woman. Fine, next time you get sick, reconsider going to the doctor because medical intervention is going against God’s great plan. If God can’t get a child’s gender wrong, why can He give trisomy 21, spina bifida, or other severe birth defects? And why does he discriminate against those born into non-Christian families? Like Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists? If we needed God to create us, who created God?

    It’s about time we put a stop to using this ancient nonsense as an excuse of sorts. A predator is a predator.

    “They say religion is the opium of the people. I say actual opium is superior to religion.”

    – Anonymous

  17. As much as I oppose ignorance and the obstruction of free will, I feel that transgender people using a restroom that is not of their gender at birth is kind of crossing a threshold. I mean, could I go into the female toilets as a male (non trans) and be free of scrutiny? I could think of a few reasons as to why I would prefer to use the female toilets over the male ones, and none of these reasons links to sexual activity or perversion. Hell, as wrong as it is I could tell people I’m a transgender and claim the moral ground.

    My point is, I’m not trying to offend anyone or start an argument but how close are we going to come to crossing a line before we say that there should be no ‘male and ‘female’ toilets, which, in a fully gender equal society isn’t a bad thing.

    1. First, you would have to go through the trouble of presenting female. Which is really the biggest challenge of being trans in public, presenting and passing. If you pass as your preferred gender, no one would care.
      Second, I think gender divided toilets are stupid, and a sad display of how the human body is perceived.
      Third, I really hope this jackass corners a really manly Ciswoman, one day.

    2. So would you have me use the women’s restroom then? That would make you feel better? I’m trans. ..I use the mens room because I’m a man. Does the fact that I was assigned female at birth mean you’d rather a 6 foot tall, bearded man go into women’s restrooms?

    3. Unisex toilets happen around the world already, for example in Italy. Americans are not the norm in their restroom design.

    4. I am a small, petite trans woman. I look like any other woman. Are you saying I should be using the men’s room just because of something that no one is going to see? Doing so would force me to out myself publicly every single time I want to go to the bathroom and expose me to possible violence and discrimination. Trans people just want to go on with our lives hassle free and not harassed. We didn’t ask for our lot in life, why should we be made to unduly suffer even more because of it?

    5. And, I have no desire to start a fight either. Here’s the thing you don’t realize, the biological sex of a transgender person is the one that they understand themselves to be. Sexual identity resides in the hypothalamus, which is a structure of the brain.

      And, since our brain develops weeks before our fetal bodies even begin to develop a physical sex, any disruption in the hormone levels in the womb can trigger a physical mismatch between the gender of our brain and the sex of our body.

      Transgender people have as little choice in the determination of gender identity as anyone else. Once a child is born, there is no means known to man that will allow gender identity or sexual orientation to be successfully changed.

      I hope this helped a little.

  18. Wow these “protesters” would have their brains fried if they came to Europe. Lots of unisex bathrooms and changing here. My local swimming pool has unisex changing. There are individual cubicles for people and a communal common area. Sounds rather like a ladies bathroom. Or does everyone shit in the open in Charlotte.

  19. How did these people know that the young lady was transgender, anyway? Or did they just stop and harass every woman who didn’t fit their stereotype, ie. blonde hair, long legs and big tits…?

  20. Those of you worried about trans people and public bathrooms – think long and hard about how these ignorant bills will look in action. I was assigned female at birth. I transitioned almost 20 years ago. I’m 6 ft tall with a beard. Do you really think having me use the women’s restroom is the best idea? Do you think women and little girls would rather I share facilities with them? Come on. This is the epitome of ignorance.

  21. if he was so concerned about a boy being in a public bathroom with “our girls”, why didn’t he immediately call the police instead of shooting footage to present to FOX “news”?

  22. Michael Huges is making entirely too much sense. Put doors on the stalls and around the urinals in public restrooms and be done with the issue. Transgender and gay people keep to themselves – habitually – and they are entitled to the same public facilities the rest of us have.
    Wish I had been in Charlotte for this – I’d have put a 7-inch fat potato in the front of my tight fighting jeans and a ball cap on my head – then used the women’s rest room. I’m a girl, but I bet they would have noticed my package when I came out the door, these mudderfriggin’ stalkers (in the name of Jesus).

  23. I once stood guard outside a bathroom for a transgender friend. We were in a nearly empty building so I wasn’t sure why he felt he needed a guard, but I was happy to help.

    In the years since I’ve come to understand why he wanted me there. I can’t say I know how it feels, but I imagine it must be horrible to never be able to use a public bathroom without fear, and all because of jerks like Benham.

  24. I doubt Benham even had children using the restroom at the time. People go into the restroom to access the toilets and evacuate the bladder and/or bowel. IN A STALL! Nothing is seen or displayed that would be inappropriate in a restroom. Creepy old men hanging around the restroom to monitor who goes in or out… now THAT’s creepy and inappropriate. And trans people attempting to use the restroom appropriate to their gender are far more likely to be on the receiving end of trouble, rather than perpetrating mischief on other restroom occupants.

  25. As a trans woman I am going to use the correct bathroom regardless of what anyone thinks. When you need to pee, you need to pee.

    1. A year ago, I had to use the bathroom at a donut shop. I was homeless and it was 2 in the morning. The ladies room was out of commission and no one was in the men’s room at the time. I knocked, waited a few seconds, knocked again, then opened the door and went inside. It was the same as the women’s room, just a bit messier. I did my business and left. What else was I supposed to do, risk getting arrested for going to the bathroom outside?

  26. I don’t agree or condone persecuting and harassing transgender, gay, lesbian or bi people, but it is nature’s way for their to be one man and one women and children thereby.

    1. In other words, you condone and agree with persecuting and harassing transgender, gay, lesbian and bi people. Take your shitty dodge (“I don’t agree or condone persecuting and harassing transgender, gay, lesbian or bi people”) elsewhere, because it’s obviously a lie.

    2. Nature’s way of doing things produces gay and transgender people. We are born to heterosexual cisgender parents everyday. What did you think, that we popped out of the end of a tube in some factory?

  27. This is so embarrassing for the city. I am now officially looking at a new city to move to. Charlotte is not progressive. It’s all a facade. All the city wants is cookie cutter families to pump money into the churches and malls. They could care less about diversity.
    Charlotte is a joke.

    1. The Pacific North West is awesome. We have: Seattle, a newly renovated Tacoma, and Olympia for that small town vibe so many people love. We also have this little gem:

      “RCW 49.60.030
      Freedom from discrimination — Declaration of civil rights.

      (1) The right to be free from discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability is recognized as and declared to be a civil right. This right shall include, but not be limited to:

      (a) The right to obtain and hold employment without discrimination;

      (b) The right to the full enjoyment of any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, or privileges of any place of public resort, accommodation, assemblage, or amusement;

  28. I am a cross dresser and gay, I agree with both sides, these types of situations can be avoided with some education and information. I believe him to be wrong in the sense that he is masking his concern for the individuals in the bathroom just to press his own agenda against the lgbt community it was not a true and honest concern for the wellbeing of others in the bathroom. If there is no fire don’t call 911 no need unless the people in the bathroom showed discontent with the “young lady” he wasn’t in there and he didn’t ask so he wouldn’t know. But it is true that certain behaviors without educating and informing the community about the transformation process first, if you are not a gay club and you still have to whip it out you have no business being with the girls not yet anyways if you’ve completely transitioned and are anatomically female then yes she should have every right in my opinion because she is a woman. Side note, men don’t want us in the men’s bathroom can’t go to the women’s bathroom either, let’s build our own, beddazled with rhinestones, silk, marble floors and gold trim just a few ideas.

    1. When you are cross-dressed and out and about, Matthew, which restroom do you use? I would assume, from your comment, that you would be in the men’s room. Do you get any trouble there?

  29. You american need to get over to Europe!
    we have no laws about who uses which toilet. In most European countries it is common for women to use the men’s (i.e. the room that also has urinals in it) if the queue for the women’s is too long. Unisex facilities are becoming the norm, especially in new builds.
    We have laws, however, concerning obscenity. No one gets into trouble for using any facility – as long as they are using it for the intended purpose!

    1. Not all trans women have surgery, and it is none of your business what women have in their panties. As for your being a gay cross dresser that adds no weight to argument, being trans gender is not the same thing as being a drag queen. Trans women are not pretending to be women as part of some fantasy or kink, they are women and live as such 24 hours a day.

      1. Stevie you responded to the wrong comment. The comment you wanted to respond to was Matthew ‘s comment, not Vivian ‘s comment lol :)

        Besides that… Yay for Europe! I think every person is…. yes… a person; and has the right to feel safe when they want to shit or pee. I hate polarisation; for it is the most common root of all evil!

        I am sure many religions have their own theology about it, but the fact is still that history has already proven what we may expect from such doctrinal radicalism; and I think it is a good thing we don ‘t live in the dark ages anymore.

        You don ‘t need to be a transgender to see it ‘s not polite harassing someone trying to take a shit; it ‘s simply common sense.

  30. Flip Benham is not only a fraudulent bully who likes to shoot off his mouth at people, he’s an incompetent fraudulent bully who likes to shoot off his mouth at people. When his band of Aggrovangelical namedroppers (I won’t insult real Christians by calling him one) helped organize the protest at a local non-discriminatory church in conjunction with OSA a while back, not only did they all show up the wrong weekend, the next weekend they showed up at the wrong church. Twice.

    What else can you expect from someone trashy enough to yell condemnation and insults at a preschooler and her grandmother just for walking down the same side of the street the church is on that they’re both whores of Satan? I mean really, when was the last time you saw a professional whore in an Elmo shirt?

      1. So you would throw science and anatomy completely out the door as if wasn’t important in this case. If it doesn’t matter then why get the surgery at all why have men and women’s bathrooms. I didn’t know there was a place for maybes, if you truly believe yourself to be a woman you will do your damnest to remove the organ if all you need is a dress to walk into the women’s bathroom then there would be no reason for the argument being made by the other side. Several of my friends are transsexuals and live this way 24 hrs a day and I love them dearly and support them. But as soon as stupidity and mediocrity (not going all the way with the transformation) that is not fair to the full woman and the full man. The illusion of woman in some cases is not enough. When the bathroom is involved or reproduction something you’ll never be able to do cause the ovarian system and the production of milk has not been developed as of yet with scientifically makes a woman a full woman. Science is a part of it and if it says girls no willies should pass the door and when it says men no kitty cats should pass that door. Is the guy an ass for pretending to care about others to push his agenda yes he is but that’s my opinion and I think science can back me up on this one not a persons state of mind and emotional situation. Stop being victims get the operations done, start save your coins cause I hear it’s expensive.

      2. And this reply is for Matthew since it doesn’t seem to let me to reply to him directly.

        This is actually a very hurtful, and misinformed comment. Not all transgender women have the same levels of gender dysphoria associated with their genitals, and transitioning isn’t all about having the right bits, and for a lot of trans women (including myself) the operation isn’t of primary importance. Just because one decides one will not, or cannot have gender confirmation surgery it doesn’t make you any less of a woman or man.

        In your statement, you imply that I am stupid, and mediocre for prioritizing other aspects of my life above the surgery. You imply that even though I’m living my life fully as a woman, that I really am not one and my existence isn’t fair to ciswomen.

        Just like sexuality, gender identity isn’t black or white. There’s a huge spectrum in the middle.There are people who are agender, who feel like they don’t belong to either. There are people who are genderfluid who can swing back and forth. There are people who are bi-gender who identify with both, and your view as stated marginalizes these people ever more than it does me.

  31. Only the guys that don’t put it in their woman’s butt can talk about normal and not normal, because they like butt sex too. Porn is a multi billion dollar industry even bigger than religion, so there is a whole lot of so called Christians have one hand on the bible and the other on their you know what.

  32. I’m not threatened by someone using the bathroom appropriate to their gender identity. If it’s a transgirl she should be in the ladies room. If it’s a transguy he should be in the guy’s room.

    I do feel threatened by idiots running around telling others what to do.

    The person walking into a bathroom knows more about their gender then you do>>> so back off!

    Hugs, Z.

  33. So you would throw science and anatomy completely out the door as if wasn’t important in this case. If it doesn’t matter then why get the surgery at all why have men and women’s bathrooms. I didn’t know there was a place for maybes, if you truly believe yourself to be a woman you will do your damnest to remove the organ if all you need is a dress to walk into the women’s bathroom then there would be no reason for the argument being made by the other side. Several of my friends are transsexuals and live this way 24 hrs a day and I love them dearly and support them. But as soon as stupidity and mediocrity (not going all the way with the transformation) that is not fair to the full woman and the full man. The illusion of woman in some cases is not enough. When the bathroom is involved or reproduction something you’ll never be able to do cause the ovarian system and the production of milk has not been developed as of yet with scientifically makes a woman a full woman. Science is a part of it and if it says girls no willies should pass the door and when it says men no kitty cats should pass that door. Is the guy an ass for pretending to care about others to push his agenda yes he is but that’s my opinion and I think science can back me up on this one not a persons state of mind and emotional situation. Stop being victims get the operations done, start save your coins cause I hear it’s expensive.

    1. You seem to have a real fixation on genitals. Also using the qualifier “some my friends are (insert group you want to deride)” is always followed by some bigoted comment directed at that group, such as yours. You have no understanding what so ever about what it means to be transgender and you align yourself with Flip Benham by your own words. Science has already proven you wrong by the way.

      1. scientific studies suggest have not yet proven at 100% more studies are still held for new discovery

    2. You’re stupid. Want to make the science argument? Then do your homework before you spout idiocy. Scientific studies showed that gender is neurological, and all research on the matter has confirmed that trans women = women and trans men = men.

      1. You are correct that I am extremely naive on the matter, and I apologize for that. I appreciate and admire your candor. I wish I could say the same about so many others that have told me they are trans but when faced with the opportunity to put someone in their place, that’s clearly out of line like me with knowledge about the issue are unable to do so because they feel so attacked just because I ask questions I always say I’m asking I’m not judging and they turn and are so mean and offended that I would even ask. So I’m sorry about it, I did not know it was a mental thing I always saw it as body anatomy, cause that’s all we know about the baby when we are born if it shows the genitalia of male or female. My mistake, I’m learning from this mistake so forgive me if I don’t delete the posts I made, I’m going to use it as a learning experience to help myself and others…thanks again.

      2. One last thing I want understand lets just say I see what to me looks like a man, suit dress, walk, worked out body, facial hair etc all the signs that show man but she is a full woman in her head. And I just happen to mistakenly call her a sir or a he when she identifies as a trans woman mentally..would it make her less of a woman because she doesn’t do the whole dress up, make up etc I would think if your argument is purely scientific and of the mind that superficial cosmetic stuff hair dress make up surgery heels wig surgeries shouldn’t matter because it’s all in the brain anyways or would it… Pls help

  34. I was at Concord Mills today dressed ,hair and makeup and walked right up in the women’s bathroom. If I’m dressed like a female that is appropriate. I use the men’s when I’m not dressed. Common sense.

  35. She had a right to use the ladies bathroom as SHE is a woman in mind and that is what matters. Not some Jerk trying to demean her and make things harder on us all. I am severely physically disabled and facially disfigured and have met many that do not understand that we are all people who deserve respect and understanding, Keep the faith and know people are here for you to make this a better more accepting world!

  36. My question is would they act the same if it was a f-m using the males toilets? also how did he know this girl was transgender? she could have just been a very masculine looking female. I’m a female and I shave my head and I’ve had people accuse me of being in the wrong bathroom. I’ve even had someone try and assault me. I’ve had another person leave the bathroom go and get their boyfriend and waited for me to come out of the bathroom so their boyfriend could teach me a lesson.

  37. In addition…a goal oriented person would skip buying the skirt and womanly clothes, makeup (the illusion) and start accomplishing real life goals like an education like so many other Naturally born women work so hard to become. If it were me I would want to be a full woman, not pretend to be one I would begin saving the money for the necessary operations, why spend money trying to hide something I don’t want as opposed to getting rid of it. This way, not me, not that ass, not anyone could take away or question what I’ve trully worked and suffered for because I would have accomplished my goal. I truly respect and support the decision to do it all the way, I’ve see so many of the so called wannabe girls stay stuck in a dream cause they spend all their money on costumes and can’t ever get it together it’s called WORK FOR IT! Round it all up make it happen. You better work, work it girl, others not so much, in this case she may walk like a woman, talk and dress like a woman but until science has made the necessary changes to the a previously male body, she’s not a woman, yet. Stop living in the moment.

    1. “but until science has made the necessary changes to the a previously male body, she’s not a woman”

      I may have a prick, but you are one. I am a woman. I have a dick and prefer it that way. Having some surgeon rearrange that bit of flesh into a new shape would not make me any more of a woman. I am female, my body is female, my cock is female, and you can piss off if you have a problem with that.

    2. Matthew: Many trans* people will _never_ be able to have the surgery you are so fixated on. Heart disease, allergies to anesthesia, blood dyscrazia, a hundred other medical problems that mean no sane surgeon would ever put them under unless death was on the line…. Are they supposed to risk near-certain death so that your brain doesn’t have to work harder? You said you wanted to learn; go look up intersex conditions.

  38. That man has no right judge anyone on their gender when his tie is better looking than his hypocritical face.

  39. If I use the lady’s washroom they think I am preying on other women… if I use the men’s toilet they will think I am wanting to trick guys into having gay sex…

    The reality is that my gender identity is not motivated by sexual predilections… I use the wash room to go to the toilet like everyone else does. I’m actually asexual.

    If you are objecting for religious reasons then read Matthew 19:12… Deuteronomy is about sexually motivated cross-dressing and deception … it does not apply to us transgirls.

  40. What a bunch of responsible adults. -_- Evil people in this world I swear. Jesus would be ashamed.

  41. But! But! According to idiots like him, us evil perverted trannies are the bathroom predators!!!

    Funny though, neither I nor any other trans woman I know have EVER loitered outside a womens’ washroom waiting to pounce on and harass a teenager because of whatever genitals they may or may not have. WE just go in there to bloody PEE.

    SOMEONE n this situation sure as f**k sounds like a predator, and it bloody well wasn’t the teenage trans girl.

  42. So it’s just a bathroom for crying out loud. If someone who is transgender gets to choose either or. I am all girl, but sometimes, ladys take too long and when u got to go you got to go. I have gone to the mens room plenty of times. Luckily no one was around that felt the need to juge me. I can’t believe it’s 2015 abd this is an issue.

  43. What I find funny is, well, women’s bathrooms are all stalls, right? So just what exactly would someone “see” of someone else in there, other than someone washing their hands?

    I find it hilarious that idiots make this into that big of a deal. I think it’s more about jealousy – that transgendered folks get to go into the verboten “other bathroom” and the guys are getting jealous.

    NOTE: the problem doesn’t ever seem to be about perceived women going into a mens’ bathroom. Never heard about THAT kind of protest.

  44. I don’t think the problem is so much that transgender individuals need to use the bathroom of their biological sex. From the way this article made it sound it was an issue of “protecting women from transgender bathroom occupants.” If a very large transman (ftn) used the bathroom for “cisfemales” I’m sure society would say he had to use the male restroom for the same reason. It’s a matter of “protecting the weak and innocent” when actually the only protection needed are from those trying to out the trans community. At this point I think it would be dangerous for me to use the “men’s” restroom. And if I did use the men’s room the way I look now I’d probably be seen as some sort of sex- driven freak who is trying to trick men into haVing gay sex with me in the restroom.

  45. Why is it that those who pervert the Golden Rule are always the ones to display a degenerate version of “Christian love?”

  46. Hello I’m m2f last thing on my mind is having sex whill going to the restroom or even having sex when I’m not .I have been married 22 yrs to a ftm we have had 6 children none have ever been molested we are both Christian we believe God made a way for all to be saved through Christ Jesus not just a select few all our children are very normal kids we have one gay son who we told it would be easier to be straight so held off from dating until he was shure about how he felt we support him just like any good parent should we don’t particularly care for all of what happens with some lgbt things we Dont believe small children are worried about what sex they are to about age 12 that’s usually when they really kind of start finding out about who they are kids just want to play with other kids now Dont miss interpret what I’m saying I Dont think hrt is appropriate until after pubirty because a child couldn’t store sperm or eggs if they ever wanted there own biological children some parents have their own intentions to have transgender children but I really hate people on both sides sometimes this guy has some real problems to be following women and young girls to a restroom and just because you Dont believe in God And Jesus doesn’t give you a right to put down on people who do I feel sorry this mom and daughter who had to go thru this it sucks this guy wasn’t arrested welcome to being transgendered the things we go thru sighh ohh and as for these ultra conservative Christians Jesus didn’t say to hate people he said love your neighbors all of them gay transgender ohh and straight the crap that is done in the name of Christianity

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