anthonyfoxx_mayorCHARLOTTE — A tight mayoral race in which both candidates spent more than $1 million dollars combined — a city record — ended in victory for Democrat Anthony Foxx on Tuesday evening. Foxx led fellow Charlotte City Council member and Republican candidate John Lassiter by 51.32 percent to 48.61 percent.

Lassiter has conceded to Foxx.

In a poll released the day before the election, Lassiter had led Foxx by one percentage point. Public Policy Polling said undecided voters had been showing a shift toward Lassiter in the last days of the election. Almost 57 percent of all Charlotte ballots were cast with a straight Democratic Party ticket.

For the first time in 14 years, Charlotte will have a new mayor as Foxx succeeds Republican Pat McCrory. Foxx will be the city’s first Democratic mayor since Harvey Gantt left office 22 years ago.

Although both Foxx and Lassiter were present for a candidates’ reception hosted by MeckPAC, a local LGBT political action committee, only one received their endorsement. Foxx, MeckPAC’s endorsed mayoral candidate, has been consistently favorable on LGBT issues. Lassiter failed to return the organization’s questionnaire earlier this year.

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Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

10 replies on “Anthony Foxx triumphs in Charlotte mayoral race”

  1. YES!! Since Pat McCrory has been running the city into the ground for the last 14 yrs, it’s good to have a strong leader to pull Charlotte out.

    Congrats Anthony Foxx!!

  2. Kim-Could you please provide a couple of examples of how Mayor McCrory ran the city into the ground?
    I think I know of at least one you will provide but still would like for you to back up your claim.

  3. Hey Tom, Kim probably has a life (unlike you) and doesnt go on this website every minute of her life to anwser to idiots like you.

  4. Hey Chris why don’t you let Kim speak for herself. However, she probably realizes she put her foot in her mouth.

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