It has been said that one of the best ways to combat Amendment One is to speak out about it and share your opposition. We want to give our readers a place to speak out against Amendment One and what better place than our talkback section!

Below is Sen. Kay Hagan’s public statement in opposition to Amendment One, as well as an open letter from a North Carolina citizen

“In today’s hyperpartisan political environment, I view any attempt to alter our state constitution with a critical eye. Amendment One has far-reaching negative consequences for our families, our children and our communities. North Carolina is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation, and this amendment would harm our state’s ability to recruit the innovators and businesses that are driving our economic recovery. Jobs are my number one priority, and we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball and give businesses a reason to grow and expand elsewhere. The people I hear from everyday — the families that make up the fabric of the Old North State — tell me they are sick and tired of watching their jobs and their livelihoods fall victim to divisive partisan posturing. In North Carolina we say our state is ‘Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great.’ Amendment One harms our state’s resolve to make all people and all families great, and as a proud daughter of North Carolina, I urge all North Carolinians to join me in opposing it.”

— Senator Kay R. Hagan

“I am a Christian. I am a conservative-liberal. I am a lesbian. I am a musician and artist. I design healthcare software and infrastructures. I am many things. I will stand up and fight for your rights even though you may silently or vocally stand fervent against mine. I will stop and help you if it is apparent you are in need of assistance. I will stand up without pause to protect your children if you or someone else is about to harm them. I will never condemn or personally attack you if I do not agree with you, but I will not go silent simply because you do not agree with me. I value disagreements, because without them I will never solidify my opinion/position or have a change of heart, it is called growth. My full life defines me, not one small aspect of where you might have contention.

Even though we have differences, we need to remember that we have the capacity to work it out, build each other up, love one another, and accept that even though we are different we really are the same. We all want love, security, happy times, and support when we are unable to stand. So remember me when you decide to vote for or against the NC Marriage Amendment in May. I ask that you vote against it, because voting for it only widens the hate line that is dividing us North Carolinians over an issue that may have absolutely no bearing on your life, but does directly impact mine. I am not a second-class citizen and I will not tolerate being defined as one. Love to you all.”

— Cynthia from Reidsville North Carolina

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One reply on “Amendment One”

  1. Nobody deserves to have their private lives and private loves voted on by the general public. That is humiliating and un-American. It’s inhumane.

    State Sen. James Forrester may have pushed this amendment through because he truly hated LGBT people. But most of the GOP legislators who voted for it did it out of political convenience. I’m going to the polls on May 8th and voting AGAINST, sending them a message that playing with others peoples’ lives for their own political gain will NOT fly in this state.

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