RALEIGH, N.C. — Statewide advocacy group Equality North Carolina has released a publication that outlines their arguments in opposition to a proposed anti-LGBT constitutional amendment that would ban marriage and other relationship recognition for same-sex couples.

The booklet is entitled “The Truth About the Discriminatory, Job-Killing, Harmful, Family-Unfriendly, Divisive, Anti-LGBT Marriage Amendment.” It’s already been emailed to every member of the General Assembly and Staffers with Equality North Carolina say they’ll hand-deliver hard copies this week. The booklet has also been distributed to statewide media.

The publication outlines several negative implications of the proposed amendment, including negative business impacts on private businesses’ ability to offer domestic partner benefits to employees; legal complications for same-sex couples and unmarried couples, including hospital visition, end-of-life decisions and life insurance policies; and a negative impact on the enforcement of domestic violence laws.

The amendment is due for a possible vote when legislators return to Raleigh next week. On Sept. 12, they’ll open a special fall session devoted primarily to constitutional amendments. Two versions of the proposed anti-LGBT amendment have been filed in the legislature. The Senate’s version would ban marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships and other relationship recognition for same-sex couples; the less harsh House version bans marriage only.

On Aug. 30, House Republican leadership held a news conference in which they told media they would be pushing for a vote on the amendment. House Majority Leader Rep. Paul Stam (R-Wake) said not banning marriage equality would have negative effects on all other marriages.

“The more illegitimacy we have, the more poverty we have, the less educational attainment we have, the less productivity, and you will see that in future generations,” Stam said.

He also asserted that marriage for same-sex couples would lead to polygamy and incest, saying, “You cannot construct an argument for same-sex marriage that would not also justify, philosophically, the legalization of polygamy and adult incest.”

Speaker Pro Tem Rep. Dale Folwell (R-Forsyth) told the press that it was past time for the legislature to consider the issue.

“It’s time that we settle this issue,”Folwell said. “People that are in favor of this will live or die by how the people of North Carolina feel about it.”

Folwell will discuss the amendment today between 4:30 and 5 p.m. on Charlotte radio station WBT-1110 AM with host Wayne Powers.

Equality North Carolina has organized a series of vigils across the state on Sept. 12. On Sept. 13, the group will host a rally in opposition to the amendment at Halifax Mall in Raleigh. See our event calendar for more details on these events.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

3 replies on “Advocates leak ‘the truth’ about anti-LGBT amendment”

  1. Here’s your argument for same sex marriage that wont allow for polygamy and adult incest.

    Two people of any gender can make the legal arrangement of non-religious state issued “marriage”. This does not include polygamy and adult incest, as those laws are still on the books.

    Done. Not so hard is it?

  2. “You cannot construct an argument for same-sex marriage that would not also justify, philosophically, the legalization of polygamy and adult incest.”

    This statement is true, surprisingly, but the implications of it are very different from what the senator from Wake County thinks.

    There is nothing wrong with either of those things. Ultimately, consenting adults should be allowed to engage in whatever types of relationships suit them. If nobody is getting hurt, then there’s no intellectual argument against polygamy or adult-incest. The queer rights movement should stop trying to throw the poly crowd under the bus just to placate the moderates. They don’t need to do that in order to win this fight.

    There should be no compromises in the fight for civil rights.

  3. You can not argue for one man and one woman marriage only, as that is a slippery slope, if you allow a certain segment of the population to marry only, couldn’t that led to other forms of marriage, like gay marriage then polygamy and incest?

    See how silly your argument is nick. I mean honestly , this is about given a group of people who do not currently have the right to marry the right. Polygamist can already marry. The federal gov’t can’t sanction a lifesytle, but it can secure the right to marry at least one other person for everyone.

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