Acceptable Software Formats

EPS (with pictures embedded and all type outlined or fonts included)*



TIFF (flattened, or in layers with all type rasterized or fonts included)*

InDesign CS5 or earlier (all resource files must be included)

Photoshop CS5 or earlier (flattened, or in layers with all type rasterized or fonts included)*

Illustrator CS5 or earlier (flattened, or in layers with all type outlined or fonts included)*

Microsoft Word or Publisher files are not accepted! However, we can build your ad in-house using your Word or Publisher document as a guide. Please provide a PDF for reference. Production charges will apply.

*Rasterizing and outlining type ensures that we will not have any font substitution problems, however, it renders the type un-editable (in the event you request a change at the last minute). Keeping your Photoshop/TIFF files in layers enables us to quality-check each element of your ad individually, resulting in higher quality reproduction.

A Note Regarding Resolution
The professional quality of the images in your ad are a reflection of the quality you strive for in your business.

In order to assure the highest quality results for your ad images, all images must be adjusted to a minimum of 150 pixels/inch at the size it will appear in your ad (300 pixels/inch is optimal). Please note that printing an image requires a much higher image resolution than viewing it on a computer screen. If you are unsure of the quality of your image, try printing it at home on in your office on a standard ink jet or laser printer. Does it look pixelated (soft, crunchy or distorted)? If so, the only way we will be able to use your image in your ad without it appearing pixelated is if the width and height are reduced, therefore increasing the resolution. If you do not have a printer, we will be happy to inspect the image resolution for you (all ad images will be inspected for resolution quality at the time of submission).

An image at 72 pixels/inch (typical web resolution) may look like this on your computer screen:
But it will look like this when it is
printed on paper:

Please be aware that if you submit low-resolution images, there is very little we can do to enhance the quality of the image. We can always lower the resolution (downsampling) if it is too high, but increasing the resolution (upsampling) will have no effect.

What File Format Should I Use?

If you do not anticipate us needing to edit your ad for any reason, flattened PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats are preferred (because of file sizes). If you are exporting your file to one of these formats from your graphics software, please remember to double-check your exported file before sending it to us. Because they are flattened, it is unlikely we will be able to make any last minute corrections per your request.

If you anticipate us needing to update your ad copy or make changes to your ad on a regular basis, please provide us with either a full Photoshop document with all the layers separated or a Quark document with all the resource files collected. You must include your fonts for both formats! We reserve the right to substitute fonts if they are not included.

If we are building your ad for you and you are submitting pictures to be included in your ad, please provide the highest resolution version of the image you have available (always your original, not one that your web designer edited and optimized for your web site, for instance). We can provide photo retouching/enhancement services for a fee. JPEG, TIFF, PSD or PDF formats are acceptable for this purpose. GIF formats will be accepted, but be advised that GIFs or images that have been resourced from GIF images may result in substandard quality.

For business card ads, you may use any of the above acceptable formats, or you may provide a hard copy of your business card.

Scanning of hard copy photos or printouts is available. Production charges will apply.

All ad submissions will go through a preflight check for size and production standards quality. You should thoroughly proofread your document before sending it to us.

Ad Sizes

Our page image area is 10.25″ wide by 12.25″ tall. We do not use a bleed.

Ad Size Column Width Width in Inches Height in inches
Double Truck 8 (+ gutter) 21.5 12.25
Full Page 4 10.25 12.25
Junior Page 3 7.625 8
3/4 Page Vertical 3 7.625 12.25
1/2 Page Vertical 2 5 12.25
1/4 Page Vertical 2 5 6
3/8 Page Vertical 2 5 9.125
1/8 Page Vertical 1 2.375 6
1/16 Page Vertical 1 2.375 2.875
1/2 Page Horizontal 4 10.25 6
1/4 Page Horizontal (Banner) 4 10.25 2.875
3/8 Page Horizontal 3 7.625 6
1/8 Page Horizontal 2 5 2.875
Business Card 1 3.25 1.875
Front Page Banner 1 10.25 1.267

If you would like a visual representation of how much space each of these sizes occupies on the pages of our paper, please download our ad size reference guide.

Ad Size Reference Guide (PDF)

If the ad you submit does not match the size specifications for the size of the space you have reserved, we reserve the right to resize it for you. Please note that this may result in image distortion.


If we are designing your ad for you, all artwork and copy needed to produce your ad are due by the Wednesday one week prior to the issue date (for a more detailed calendar, refer to our production schedule).

If you are submitting a camera-ready ad which will require no adjustments or changes on our part, your artwork is due on the Friday one week prior to the issue date.

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