An Adam Lambert fan, foreground, counter-protests while anti-LGBT street preachers denounce Lambert's July 2 concert in Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE — “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert performed to a sold-out crowd at the N.C. Music Factory’s Fillmore Charlotte on July 2.

Before Lambert even took the stage, there was plenty to keep concert-goers entertained. Outside the music hall, two sign-toting protesters shouted out through bullhorns about the “sins of homosexuality” to those who waited in line.

Brian, who declined to give his last name, said he made a point to be at concerts, ball games, NASCAR races and more all over the world and was adamant that he did not think it was in “God’s plan for two guys to kiss on stage.”

He asked this writer, “Why do you work for the gay press?” He added that to do so meant that on “Judgment Day,” “you are going to hell.”

Buddy Fisher, who also frequented similar venues, said he participated in this type of initiative because of his “love of God.” He was “brought” there to spread “The Good Word.” He said he was not against gay people, but was against gay sin.

An unidentified young man took to a sound device in support of Lambert and attempted to counter the protesters’ comments. He even asked the crowd to yell out “Lambert, Lambert, Lambert.”

Meanwhile, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department made sure venue promoters were safe, as well as attendees. They commented that if the protesters were still there after the concert, they would have to bring out suitable enforcement to ensure there were no incidents.

None of the police officers qnotes spoke with had any issue with Lambert’s sexuality, nor that of any of the LGBT and straight concert-goers. An hour into the event, the protesters were still outside trying to preach to anyone who walked down the street.

People came dressed in regular attire, as well as creative costumes and Glam Wear to show their affinity for Lambert.

His Twitter account (posted a couple of hours after the gig) said it all for him, “Charlotte was on fire tonight! Thanks for being amazing!” Seems that the protesters did not thwart those going to the concert, nor did it interfere with Lambert’s objective, to just entertain.

Lainey Millen

Lainey Millen was formerly QNotes' associate editor, special assignments writer, N.C. and U.S./World News Notes columnist and production director from 2001-2019 when she retired.

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  1. I am an Adam Lambert fan and from North Carolina and am truly sorry that the homophobes marred
    Adam’s performance. I love living in NC – I live on the coast and am really ashamed of the behavior of some of our homophobic rednecks. The guy Brian must be a coward or ashamed of himself since he did not give his last name – as most homophobes are. Not everyone in the South are homophobic. True Southerners are educated, open-minded and welcome diversity. It is the ignorant inbred Rednecks that spew hate about gay and anyone a who is alittle different. I hope Adam continues to perform in NC and not hold it against Soutnerners for the few Rednecks who are ill-mannered and embarassments to the rest of us.

  2. I cant wait until these moronic protestors meet their maker and find out hes gay! Now that would be something I want to see! Who the H do they think they are, pompous dorks!!

  3. I was there. These guys were stupid, sorry! I belive in freedom of speech, but they were DUMBOS!!!! They didn’t make sence. We made it clear that we are the NEW generation and that They are in the wrong place. LOL The concert was a BLAST!!!!! Adam and the crowd were on FIRE!!!
    If these protesters saw Adam in concert, they will Join OUR GLAMILY!!!

  4. Hilarious! Funny people. Have ’em look in the mirror if they want to ‘save’ someone. Hee hee!

  5. ummmmm…….God is the ONLY judge!!! it is NOT up to any particular person (whoever they are, or, who they `think` they are) to condem a person to Hell. Adam <3 Lambert is a beautiful person, and if you think you're sooo perfect, YOU'RE NOT, instead of condeming others, condem yourselves. idiots!!!

  6. I agree with Dan. Adam needs to come to the UK where the LGBT community stand behind him.

  7. Okay so there were 4 protesters against thousands of Adam Lambert fans? Kinda dangerous.

  8. I wonder when these morons decided to become straight??? lol…. ya, land of the free, that is why I will never to that backwards, dark ages country. They are going against what the Universe created. There are gay animals, plants, they do not reason they just are, so this country needs to get educated and stop with the witch hunts and protests , they are so ignorant, and solve everything with hate and guns. Oh ya, I really want to go there. Come to the UK /Europe where the enlightend world is.

  9. I think he will do better away from the LA pop music scene and working with some of our producers and songwriters, as he likes alot of UK bands. Working with a MUSE producer would be great for the next album!

  10. Wow. Way to object to solving problems through ingnorance and hate by spewing forth a bunch of ignorance and hate on the internet. It’s hardly fair to judge an entire country of 300 million people by two whack jobs with loudspeakers. I’m not denying that US politics have ventured far from the “equal rights” the constitution supposedly provides us, but spewing hate at an entire country for the actions of its leaders really isn’t any different from those two jerks spewing hate because of who someone sleeps with.

    And what in the hell is a gay plant? Talk about ignorant.

  11. I think that you have to rise above such ignorance and prejudice, and although it is necessary to confront and counter their stupidity, it is equally important not to provide them with their 15 minutes… 2 bigoted and backward protesters are not work the bandwidth you wasted on them. Next time instead of asking for our responses to their useless opinions, spend sometime reviewing the creative exuberance and artistic explosion that is Adam Lambert.

  12. As far as I know, Jesus never asked anyone to be a selfrighteous bigot in His name. And I’m not even a Christian.

  13. Thank you, Lambrits and others for being so supportive of Adam. I can tell you’ve seen enough to realize what a great guy he is, sugar sweet, and a dynamite vocalist and performer. We love him here, too, most of us, and some of us are just as angry and frustrated at the way the extreme, ultra radical religious community disrespects gay people. After all, we, his U.S. fans, voted for him and bought his music and are attending all of his concerts that we possible can. We want to share, as long as we get OUR share! I am saddened that he might want to move out of the country, but on the other hand, can hardly blame him. If he does, I trust he’ll be in the good hands of his U.K. fans. And after all, he must go and be the rock star that he is. It’s his destiny.

  14. Like the song “If I had you” all we need in this world is some love, which is what Adam always promotes. These protesters really scare me for the fact that they bring innocent children into the world and raise them with prejudice and hate. Adam is always so gracious when these morons attack, he reacts with love, this is why he has so many fans who adore him.

  15. Hahaha…..Gay or God’s Plan….Gay or God’s Plan?? Those of you who know of Cheeks and his humourous episodes know what I’m laughing about…….Trees? Gay or God’s Plan?? Hahahahahahaha

    Oh my fellow Glamberts, if those (two) protestors had any idea how much joy, love, and energy we share at an Adam Lambert concert, well..they’d be running screaming from the brightness of the light…


  17. Everyone is born a sinner, but the protesters did not hold signs saying ‘lying is sin’, or ‘judging others is a sin’, cos then the issue would concern them. They targeted gays because the issue doesn’t concern them, displaying every trait of a bully. It’s convenient to point fingers at others instead of looking at themselves in the mirror. We r all born sinners, we all start from square one. Being a straight is no less a sinner than being a gay. We r all born imperfect. We all have sinned. We all have our own issues to worry about. Sorry, I do not respect those who condemn ppl to hell. God is the judge, not a sinner.

  18. It is so sad that people judge other people based on their own interpretations of what is right and wrong. Doesn’t it matter if one is a good person and brings joy to many with their personality and talent? Adam Lambert has consistently shown he is not only a wonderful person, at least in the public eye (I trust he is in his personal life as well), but also a phenomenal entertainer. Perhaps these folks who take their valuable time in this life protesting against those who are different spend their time instead, at a homeless shelter donating their obviously dull existence in really helping others who genuinely would appreciate their time.

  19. I would rather be on a deserted island with a gay Adam Lambert than with a judgemental so called Christian. I would feel safer. Adam is all about love and anyone who can see past the bigotry in their eyes, ears and mouth would realize that.

  20. These are the same people to carried signs at the funeral of some dude who died at war and they also protested against Princess Diana for some kind of “sin”. They are a bunch of IDIOTS! Go check their videos on Youtube! Westboro Church! Unbelievable stupidity!!

  21. Uh jane, you don’t know what a plant is? flowers,shrubs??? and you call me ignorant. And I have had only bad expericences with that country ,what about your FCC and the big blowup and banning of Adam on ABC, a lot more than 2 dorks protesting, and every time a gay comes out , America makes this it’ s biggestnews… you are just plain stupid.

  22. jane jane go away, you want fair, go home to your mother. Case in point! Whew, some peoples kids….
    Adam Rocks!

  23. Ya, US< you idiots had BuSH, enough said.
    Adam Lambert is the best!! Great concert,awesome voice and show….
    I like how all other countries that interviewed Adam on his first tour poked fun at the US for their intolerance, go watch them, see what the world thinks

  24. When will people ever be able to get past the whole gay issue, and look at the person as a whole? It’s 2010, shouldn’t we be moving forward? I used to be a Christian but was completely turned off religion due to the judging and hate that goes on in the name of God. Homosexuality is not a choice, nor was it caused by sin passed down through generations. It’s the way someone is, it’s part of their genetic structure- how can people not be aware of that by now. It’s exhausting to listen to the intolerance- can’t we just live and let live….????

  25. @Will. Clearly I know what a plant is. I also know how plants reproduce and so I repeat: What’s a “gay plant”? One where the pollen accidentally blows over onto the male parts of another plant? And again, judging 300 million people by the actions of 2 idiots outside a concert or even the 1000 or so who filed FCC complaints makes you no better than those people. I suppose all Germans are Nazis as well?

    For the record, I was at that show and it was incredible. I’m disappointed that the reporter didn’t bother to stick around and report on that rather than the actions of two idiots who were either ignored or ridiculed by the crowd. I’m even more disappointed to see how much hate the supposedly “enlightened” rest of the world is willing to throw at citizens of the US who have clearly stated they don’t agree with the intolerance supported by conservatives here.

  26. it is a bit of a generalisation yes, but a skewed christian moral outlook associated with american society, media and politics. freedom at the sake of equality.

  27. The homophobes do not know know what they are doing. They need to catch up. Fortunatly since I am a Buddhist, I do not believe in a “God” that punishes instead of forgives, & I don’t believe in Hell or a Devil and Quantum Physics backs me up. The info from ‘gods of eden” backs up the fact the god homophobes believe in was an ET. See it’s true nature in Ezekiel.God is love and they choose bigotry intolerance hate and they are clearly mentally challanged. But love anyway since God is Love and Love in your mind is God in your mind. Love is a win mode.

  28. Note to Brian and Buddy. People are born gay straigt or bisexual -and God/All That Is -loves us all -even you small minded bigoted jugmental intolerant ignorant mentally challanged guys. God is well represented in Adam -who is a loving, kind, tolerant non jugmental person. I admire Adam and respect him a lot. Perhaps since you target his concerts but not the gay sports stars – you are merely jealous of Adam or resentful because he is successful and you are losers. It is what it is. Love anyway. Try to evolve and catch up though, walk in the direction of love & unity instead of away from it.

  29. Thier “god” asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to prove worthy ( didn’t it know everything) -give me a friggin break. Yeah. Chariots of the Gods came in “a whirlwind and a burning ‘bush’ said it was god and Adam and Even ate a piece of fruit and were severly punished by a devil/god/ pagan myth. Even science is more spiritual -we all are atoms which are all conscious and all connected -get a grip, homophobes, grow a functioning brain cell. BTW, I had a “near death’ experience just before I turned 12. You can put down your ‘bible’ and pick up The Power of Now, or Oneness or The Holographic Universe or The Conscious Universe. or A New Earth. THINK. Try that.

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