The new qnotes website was unveiled on Friday. After weeks of development, the site rolled out a “soft” launch before the weekend.

Our staff here are eager to start using the site and we welcome your involvement. The entire site was built from the ground-up with readers and community members in mind. Learn more about the new site at and

Over the weekend, readers might see other changes as we continue to smooth out site functionality. Also, new features will also roll out after the soft launch.

For more information, email

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2 replies on “A soft launch for QNotes’ new online home”

  1. love the color bars, but don’t much care for the banner ad placement at top below nav bar, and there is too little differentiation between columns and widgets perhaps using a background color to break up the white.

  2. Hey Lyn! Thanks for the comments! Where would you put the top leaderboard ad? We really had to think long and hard about where we wanted to put it. We wanted to keep the header as compact as possible but, hey, advertising pays the bills :)

    Do you think the right and left sidebars should have colored backgrounds? Or, are you just talking about on the front page under the featured stories gallery where “Community Events” and “Contribute” appear alongside recent stories?

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