pat mccrory
Photo of Pat McCrory by Hal Goodtree, edit by Jeff Taylor.

Pat McCrory is threatening to run for governor again, because apparently he isn’t sure he’s done making a national laughing stock out of us, while robbing us of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs, thanks to HB2.

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Mr. McCrory (confession, I’m only calling you Mr. because it feels so good not to have to write Gov. before your surname anymore), please watch the video below and know that we, the North Carolina voters, will treat you the way that chair did.

We didn’t need you then, and we certainly don’t need you now. (And apparently neither did that chair.) We don’t need you on the airwaves, and we don’t need you in the Governor’s Mansion.

Please consider that if you fade into the background, before long you’ll be so completely forgotten that no one will even bother to chase you down an alleyway screaming “Shame!”

Come on, doesn’t that sound nice?

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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2 replies on “A plea for Pat McCrory to please just go away”

  1. No one will hire him for any kind of job requiring a minimal amount of responsibility. He has nowhere else to go except being a conservative pundit and running for office.

    He’s North Carolina’s Sarah Palin.

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