Dearest Trinity,
I’m lost without him! He’s 19 and I’m 37. You see, we worked together and I never told him “I loved him” because I knew he’d run away from me. But, he quit his job. Now, I went to see if his family had seen him. They said, “No!” What can I do? I miss him so!
Lost, Detroit, MI

Dearest Lost,
I’m sorry he’s gone and you never got to express your feelings but…visiting his family! Sweetie, have you ever been called “obsessive” or been accused of being a “stalker.” Love often means letting someone go, not hunting someone down! Yes, you love him, but when a 37-year-old chases a 19-year-old that’s stalking! It’s time you read my tips on “Stopping Yourself From Being A Stalker.” Email me, I’ll send it to you. So, for now, keep busy, keep meeting other potential love interests (closer to your age) and, lastly, please take your childish mind off this mindless child!

Dear Trinity,
How do you know if someone is born sensitive, artistic and/or gay? What are the signs?
Wondering, New Hope, PA

tt_415_092614Dear Wondering,
My parents used to say that they knew something was “different” about me, so I guess I gave signs. Children also say whatever’s on their mind. So, honey, listen closely and they’ll tell you in their own way! (I came into this world already with a point of view as you can see when you check out my cartoon.)

Hi Trinity,
Whenever I think I’m ready for a relationship, I jump in feet first and start dating one person, but after a while one of us loses interest and one of us ends up hurt. Maybe it’s better to stay single the rest of my life?
Single & Lonely, Wichita, KS

Hi S&L,
The bad news is that keeping your or someone else’s interest is constant work! The good news is that keeping someone or yourself interested is what makes life interesting. As time passes it gets easier, I promise! For now, keep trying new things with the same lover, be it traveling, social events, sexual adventures or creating likeminded hobbies. And, darling, keep dating till it kills you, I mean, fills you with experiences!

Hello Trinity,
You’ve talked about hitchhiking before, but never disclosed any helpful information. Any advice? I’m ready to try it.
Hitchhiking Dreams, Berkeley, CA

Hello Dreams,
Yes, I was once a “professional” hitchhiker and loved it. So, pumpkin, be careful and read:

Trinity’s Thumbs Up Tips For Hitchhiking
1. Always carry a sketch pad and a thick black and yellow marker. Draw the names in black large letters of the next largest city you’re going to. Then trace it in yellow.
2. Don’t look or smell unkempt. Look clean and not too sexy. And, don’t disguise yourself with hats and sunglasses. It resembles someone incognito.
3. Have a knapsack. Knapsacks resemble a traveling student. Runaways carry luggage or a pillowcase tied to a stick.
4. Get the American Youth Hostel Guide and stay there. They have ride boards, cheap restaurants and more. It’s usually only a day’s hitchhike away from each hostel.
5. Don’t carry drugs, it’s not worth it. One day I’ll tell you about my Texas experience.
6. Stand, don’t sit by an on ramp to a highway or main road!
7. Don’t disclose too much about yourself. For some folks religion and sexual orientation are reasons to kill you! One day I’ll tell you about my Macon, Ga. experience.
8. Your travel kit must include; a map, water bottle, money (in your sneakers), ID, a rain poncho, Power Bars and a diary!
9. You will be challenged by time, weather, people, the police and dangerous confrontations, so learn to live with it.
10. And, most importantly, it’s dangerous, just like driving and meeting strangers, so expect the worst and deal with it like a pro.
P.S. Make sure there’s always an inside door handle before you get in!

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